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Changes from v4.10rc02..v4.10.0

Bradley Lowekamp (3):

     COMP: Address uninitialized warning of size
     COMP: Devirtualize private methods to prevent instantiation
     COMP: Use well defined ZeroValue for unused initial value.

Hans Johnson (1):

     BUG: try_compile needs to have CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD passed

Hyun Jae Kang (1):

     COMP: Fix unexpected data-cast results of itkCastImageFilter

Jon Haitz Legarreta (1):

     BUG: Fix OpenCV-2.4.9 camera empty image issue.

Matthew McCormick (13):

     COMP: Bump CastXML for GCC 6.1 support.
     STYLE: Improvements to HardConnectedComponentsImageFilter.
     ENH: Add baseline for itkHardConnectedComponentImageFilterTest.
     STYLE: Improvements for itkHardConnectedComponentImageFilterTest
     COMP: HardConnectedComponentImageFilter autological constant out of range
     DOC: Sphinx examples update to 2016-05-22.
     DOC: Wiki examples update to 2016-05-22.
     COMP: MSVC result of 32-bit shift implicitly converted to 64 bits
     BUG: Disable building the netlib example.
     ENH: Add FloatAddULP
     BUG: Decrement index in BSplineTransform by ULPs.
     BUG: Adjust index decrement in BSplineTransform
     BUG: Remove VNL README left over from subtree merge.

Sumedha Singla (1):

     ENH: WhatModulesITK was not finding modules on Windows

Changes from v4.10rc01..v4.10rc02

Davis Vigneault (1):

     BUG: Improve error checking and testing for ConnectedRegionsMesh

Hyun Jae Kang (2):

     BUG: Address the issue of "Missing Delete" within SwapZeroCornerToIRP.
     COMP: Fixed Mac OSX wrapping configuration warning

Matthew McCormick (6):

     BUG: The ImageFileReader internal pipeline methods should be protected.
     BUG: Use new VNL include directory variables.
     COMP: Add missing NeighborhoodAccessor methods to PhasedArray3D image.
     BUG: Adjust ExternalData URL.
     COMP: Do not use target_include_directories with CMake
     BUG: Address missing shared_ptr for VS9

Changes from v4.9.0..v4.10rc01

Alvaro Sanchez (1):

     STYLE: moved itkKappaSigmaThresholdImageFilter/Calculator from Nonunit/Review

Andrey Fedorov (2):

     BUG: Add missing itk_expat_mangle.h install target
     BUG: fix typo in file name

Bill Hoffman (2):

     COMP: fix shared build on Windows when Review is on.
     COMP: work around for VS 2015 optimizer bug causing test failures.

Bill Lorensen (6):

     ENH: Bump version for style fixups.
     ENH: Bump wiki examples version, new remote module process
     ENH: Bump wiki examples version, new remote module process
     STYLE: SuperClass should be Superclass
     COMP: Resolve clang linkage issue
     BUG: Valgrind detected an invalid read

Bradley Lowekamp (21):

     BUG: Compilation problem with GCC 4.1 and explicit instantiation
     ENH: Update Insight Journal handle links to https
     ENH: Adding const qualifier to results
     BUG: Adding missing const qualifier for GetConfusionMatrix method
     BUG: Use Set/GetMacros, fix const correctness and PrintSelf.
     ENH: added inlined Zero and one values for integer NumericTraits
     ENH: Use constexpr for floating point NumericTraits
     ENH: Make NumericTraits functions constexpr for intrinsic
     BUG: Add definition of static constexpr NumericTrait members
     BUG: Declared static constexpr members need to be defined as constexpr
     ENH: ITK_CONSTEXPR_FUNC implies inline
     BUG: Addressing VS10 and VS11 NumericTraits linkage issue
     BUG: Use LargestPossible region for BSpline domain
     BUG: Remove errant file
     COMP: Address warning about this usage in initializer list
     ENH: Prefer ZeroValue function over variable
     STYLE: Use consistent path for try_compiles binary directory
     BUG: Don't use "=" in cmake variable name
     ENH: Test address of NumericTraits One and Zero constexpr
     ENH: Use ITK_USE_64BITS_IDS for windows 64 by default
     ENH: Enable run-time dependency on Python library

Davis Vigneault (4):

     ENH: Update itkFileTools to allow std::string arguments.
     ENH: Add Floored and Truncated Modulus to VNL
     ENH: Add Ternary Operator Image Filter
     STYLE: Prefer static cast

Dženan Zukić (1):

     ENH: CovariantVector's Normalize returns the norm.

Francois Budin (6):

     PERF: Simplify itkTemplate New() input type identification.
     ENH: Avoid template type specification for image reader in Python wrapping
     BUG: Missing IOPixelType strings in ImageIOBase
     BUG: Wrapping intermediate files were not automatically updated
     ENH: Reduce number of dependencies for XML files generated for wrapping
     BUG: GCC is limited when calling overloaded base class functions

GCC-XML Upstream (1):

     ENH: pygccxml v1.7.3 (reduced)

GDCM Upstream (1):

     GDCM 2015-09-02 (1efe9e28)

Hans Johnson (27):

     COMP: Static analysis warning
     COMP: Incorrect delete found by static analysis
     PERF:  Avoid temporary std:vector copying.
     COMP: Provide VXL backward compatible includes
     COMP: ITK requires legacy methods
     ENH: Added for VNL
     ENH: Manual copy from vxl/master
     STYLE: vnl_math_[min|max] -> std::[min|max]
     STYLE: Text files should end with a newline
     COMP: Prefer C++11 constexpr when possible
     COMP: Prefer C++11 constexpr when possible
     ENH: Simplify std:: math function definitions
     COMP: Error in constexpr usage
     COMP: Add const to previous const variables
     COMP: SizeValueType can has different definition for itkArray
     ENH: Added utility for modernizing vcl_ to std::
     ENH: Reference vnl_math.h constants directly
     ENH: Avoid using vnl_math_ functions
     COMP: Missing symbol for itkStaticConstMacro
     COMP: Function override missing in BioCell
     ENH: Convert vcl_ to std::
     BUG: Windows vcl_snprintf failures addressed
     COMP: Disabmiguate function calls to SetData
     ENH: Provided static code API for external applications
     COMP: Remove possible type conversion warnings
     ENH: Merge GDCM release branch

Hyun Jae Kang (25):

     COMP: Fixed the compiler error of ITKCommon2TestDriver on OSX 10.6
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of VideoSourceTest on OSX 10.6
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of itkTimeProbeTest2
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of ITKFastMarchingTestDriver's tests on OSX 10.6
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of ITKReviewTestDriver on OSX 10.6
     COMP: Fixed the data conversion warning messages of itkResourceProbe
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of itkLabelOverlapMeasuresImageFilterTest
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of ITKStatisticsTestDriver tests on OSX 10.6
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of itkMRIBiasFieldCorrectionFilterTest
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of itkBinaryShapeOpeningImageFilterTest1
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of vnl_test_complex on OSX 10.6
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of vnl_test_numeric_traits
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of test_pow_log on OSX 10.6
     BUG: Exclude a test code of ITKLabelMapTestDriver on OSX 10.6
     BUG: Fixed the failed test case of itkSTLThreadTest on OS X 10.8
     COMP: Update KWStyle to utilize the latest boost library
     COMP: Fixed the compiler error of ITK on Mingw-w64
     COMP: Temporarily suppress the warning messages of data-conversion on VS14
     COMP: Put back the disappeared option of "BUILD EXAMPLES".
     BUG: Fix segmentation faults on mingw-W64 x86_64.
     BUG: Fix the failed test of itkCastImageFilterTest on mingw-w64 compiler.
     COMP: Fixed the cmake configuration for ITK_WRAP_DOC
     COMP: Fixed the warning messages on VS14.
     COMP: Add a missing head file at itkNumericTraitsStdVector.h
     COMP: Fix the wraning message of data-conversion

Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (4):

     COMP: ITKExternalModule: Support building module without test directory.
     STYLE: Facilitate maintenance of CastXML generator refactoring CMakeLists
     COMP: Allow use of multiple "ITK external modules" in the same project.
     STYLE: UseITK: Document static registration of ITK IO factories. See #3393

Jon Haitz Legarreta (7):

     COMP: Delete unused variable compiler warning.
     ENH: Refactored itkBioCellTest
     ENH: Exercise non-tested itk::Math methods.
     ENH: Improve MersenneTwister class and test.
     ENH: Improve itkFEMLoadPoint coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkVersion class code coverage.
     ENH: Perform class name checks in test macro

KWSys Robot (1):

     KWSys 2016-03-09 (36d8666f)

Lucas Gandel (9):

     ENH: Implement GetNumberOfParameter() in ImageToSpatialObjectMetric
     COMP: Enable wrapping of multiple "ITK external modules" in the same project
     COMP: Fix CASTXML_EXECUTABLE value for multiple external module
     COMP: Fix external module testing
     COMP: Fix git protocol setup
     ENH: Conditionally add testing for External Modules
     BUG: Fix call to std::max() with different variable types

Manuel Grizonnet (1):

     COMP: add ITKCommon_EXPORT to fix link issues with external applications

Matthew McCormick (73):

     ENH: Add TwoProjectionRegistration Remote Module.
     ENH: Allow ITKVideoBridgeOpenCV to be built externally.
     COMP: Add export specification for itk::ResourceProbe.
     ENH: Do not force shared libraries when wrapping.
     BUG: BUILD_TESTING should be not advanced.
     ENH: Bump ITK version to 4.10.0.
     DOC: Correct ITKImageNoise description spelling.
     ENH: Wrap FFTNormalizedCorrelationImageFilter.
     BUG: Remove Azure ExternalData resource.
     BUG: ExternalData downloads from only supports https.
     BUG: Update ExternalData resource.
     BUG: ExternalData will not support http.
     ENH: Wrap PipelineMonitorImageFilter.
     BUG: Update MIDAS url for https in archive testing data script.
     ENH: Wrap std::vector< itk::ImageRegion >.
     BUG: Fix wrapping build with DEFAULT_MODULES OFF.
     ENH: Add RGB pixel support to ImageToVTKImageFilter.
     ENH: Add RGB and vector pixel type wrapping for ImageToVTKImageFilter.
     STYLE: Use PixelType and ImageType in Python tests.
     ENH: Avoid template type specification in Python wrapping.
     COMP: Do not use has_key in itkTemplate New.
     DOC: Emphasize that push access is not required to contribute patches.
     ENH: Download SWIG and PCRE from
     COMP: Ignore build warning from KWStyle's boost.
     BUG: Remove Azure ExternalData resource.
     BUG: ExternalData downloads from only supports https.
     BUG: ExternalData will not support http.
     ENH: Update the VNL README-ITK.txt subtree commit revision.
     BUG: Mark VXL internal CMake variables as advanced.
     BUG: Run itk_module_target on itknetlib.
     DOC: Direct patches for VXL upstream to the GitHub repository.
     BUG: Run itk_module_target on itknetlib.
     COMP: Account for removal of vcl_* from upstream VXL.
     COMP: Remove itkTypeMacro from BioCellHelper.
     COMP: Convert itkBioCellTest arguments from double to int.
     BUG: Install VXL config files to backwards-compatible locations.
     ENH: Remove vcl_complex from the wrapping.
     BUG: Install vnl_export.h and vnl_algo_export.h to previous locations.
     BUG: only supports the https protocol.
     BUG: ImageIOBase SetDimensions should take SizeValueType.
     ENH: Add wrapping for ImagePCAShapeModelEstimator.
     COMP: Do not specify COMPONENTS with find_package(VTK.
     DOC: Fix FFTW warning grammar.
     COMP: Build against system HDF5 1.8.16.
     ENH: Set a default CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE when building a module externally
     COMP: Make initial HDF5 discovery of 1.8.16 quiet.
     ENH: Use hidden symbol visibility for the CPython extension modules.
     BUG: FEMLoadPoint uninitialized value in the constructor.
     BUG: Fix wrapping of complex types in VNL.
     ENH: Bump CMakeLists.txt version 4.9.1.
     COMP: Address ITKCommon Python submodule order.
     BUG: Extend ExternalData_TIMEOUT_ABSOLUTE to 900 seconds.
     BUG: Do not run KWStyle Git config on a release tarball.
     COMP: Ambiguous RGBPixel access in CustomColormapFunction.
     BUG: Prevent division by zero in PhasedArray3DSpecialCoordinatesImage.
     BUG: Initialize azimuth and elevation to pi/2 in PhasedArray3D.
     BUG: Increase MaskLabel backwards compatibility in N4 bias correction.
     ENH: Deprecate MaskLabel in N4BiasFieldCorrectionImageFilter.
     COMP: Update CastXML to support Visual Studio 2015 Update 2.
     COMP: Do not set wrapping library visibility with static builds.
     COMP: Update CastXML to support Visual Studio 2015 Update 2.
     COMP: Broaden the KWStyle warning exception.
     COMP: Update KWStyle version.
     BUG: Do not use the same output file in N4BiasField Test 2,3.
     COMP: Expand EXERCISE_BASIC_OBJECT_METHODS for other GCC versions.
     ENH: Update Cuberille Remote to 2015-05-01.
     ENH: Enable registration of the IOOpenSlide module through CMake.
     ENH: Update URL's for HTTPS support.
     BUG: Use CastXML built against LLVM with LLVM_ENABLE_TERMINFO OFF.
     BUG: Fix Python wrapping on Windows when ITK_USE_64BIT_IDS is ON.

Michka Popoff (12):

     ENH: Use importlib for python 3.4 instead of imp
     ENH: Update to Swig 3.0.8
     ENH: Update PCRE to version 8.38
     ENH: Wrap RayCastInterpolateImageFunction
     ENH: Wrap RayCastInterpolateImageFunction
     COMP: Remove debug output after vcl_complex removal from wrapping
     ENH: Consolidate .idx file generation with swig .i generation.
     ENH: Update script
     COMP: Set CastXML path and name for pygccxml 1.7.3
     COMP: Fix RayCastInterpolateImageFunction wrapping for image dim 2
     ENH: Use argparse instead of optparse in
     ENH: Use https URL for OS X castxml binary (for consistency)

Nick Tustison (2):

     ENH:  Add fixed/moving masking in reg. methods.
     ENH:  Making the mask usage consistent with ITK.

Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan (1):

     COMP: Fix warn in FFTW about delete [].

Sean McBride (18):

     COMP: Made script OS X compatible
     COMP: mark GDCM GetSeriesHelper() method as deprecated
     BUG: update script to fetch GDCM from its release-2-4 branch instead of master
     DOC: Updated comment to reflect new GDCM version
     COMP: Fixed recently introduced build error with deprecated GDCM method
     BUG: Fixed invalid memory access found by ASan
     COMP: Fixed clang warning about macro expansion giving defined
     COMP: Fixed minor dashboards warnings and typos.
     COMP: Fixed a bunch of clang -Wunreachable-code-break warnings
     COMP: fixed some dashboard warnings (dead code, false positive)
     BUG: Fixed off-by-1 error found by ASan
     COMP: Fixed clang -Wcomma warning
     COMP: Introduce ITK_FALLTHROUGH, to suppress switch fall through warnings
     COMP: Fixed -Wwritable-strings warnings
     COMP: Fixed remaining -Wcomma warnings
     ENH: switch gdcm to release branch, not release-2-4
     COMP: Hack HDF5 to build under ASan & UBSan
     COMP: fixed clang -Wdeprecated-writable-strings warning

Shawn Waldon (1):

     STYLE: move itkGaussianDerivativeOperator

Sujin Philip (1):

     STYLE: Move itkBox* Filters

Sumedha Singla (3):

     ENH: Issue: ITK#3363 Replaced assignment in SetParameters function.
     ENH: Remove unnecessary const_cast
     BUG: Fixed the test itkHDF5ImageIOTest

VXL Maintainers (9):

     VNL 2015-11-22 (ea1d60fb)
     VNL 2016-03-02 (cb31149e)
     VNL 2016-03-13 (ae34f0fc)
     VNL 2016-03-15 (751698ab)
     VNL 2016-03-19 (df10fefa)
     VNL 2016-03-25 (f0040231)
     VNL 2016-03-30 (88f50849)
     VNL 2016-04-22 (0ed18124)
     VNL 2016-04-26 (6b168535)

Vladimir S. FONOV (3):

     MINC 2015-12-17 (dcb93a5f)
     MINC 2016-01-30 (783bca38)
     MINC 2016-02-24 (8632513e)

Ziv Yaniv (1):

     BUG: Interpretation of the Euler angles ZYX or ZXY was not exported.

ITK Sphinx Examples Changelog

Dženan Zukić (1):

     ENH: Default is current directory. Avoid usage of the class SeriesHelper.

Matt McCormick (19):

     BUG: Do not depend on the VTK/OpenCV build when system provided.
     ENH: Add ConvertAnitkImageTovtkImageData example.
     ENH: Bump VTK's superbuild version to 7.0.0.
     STYLE: CMake style updates to AddOffsetToIndex/CMakeLists.txt
     ENH: Updates to
     ENH: Add ConvertvtkImageDataToAnitkImage example.
     ENH: Update sphinx-bootstrap-theme to v0.4.8
     ENH: Add Python version of StreamAPipeline.
     ENH: Add ConvertAnRGBitkImageTovtkImageData
     ENH: Add a PACE progress bar.
     ENH: Add more Python content to
     ENH: Add ConvertRGBvtkImageDataToAnitkImage
     BUG: Disable Create3DVolume Python baseline test.
     ENH: Add PerformRegistrationOnVectorImages.
     ENH: Update URL's for HTTPS support.
     COMP: Use itk::IndexValueType for subdomain index.
     COMP: Bump OpenCV to 3.1.0.
     BUG: Fix superbuild dependencies.
     ENH: Bump ITK to v4.10.0.

ITK Software Guide Changelog

Matt McCormick (6):

     DOC: Correct spelling in the wrapping description.
     BUG: ExternalData servers now use https.
     ENH: Update URL's for HTTPS support.
     DOC: Adding wrapper .dll's to PATH on Windows is no longer necessary.
     DOC: Document how to add a third-party dependency to a module.
     ENH: Bump ITK ExternalProject to v4.10.0