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Changes from v4.11rc02 to v4.11.0

Bradley Lowekamp (3):

     BUG: Add itk prefix to TIFF files in binary directory.
     BUG: Remove ITK_DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN as Doxygen private
     BUG: First IterationEvent is at CurrentIteration==0

Francois Budin (3):

     ENH: Update SCIFIO to latest revision (2017.01.17)
     ENH: Update SCIFIO to lastest commit (01.21.2017)
     BUG: Alpha value created when converted image to RGBA is not always 1

Jon Haitz Legarreta (2):

     BUG: Fix uninitialized variables in itkGaussianInterpolateImageFunction.
     BUG: Fix RTTI Superclass name in itkLabelMapMaskImageFilter.

Matthew McCormick (2):

     BUG: Fix cat/echo in
     ENH: Add missing SHA512 content links

Richard Beare (1):

     BUG: Fix precision issues with poly-line FlatStructuring element

Stephen Aylward (1):

     BUG: Target file for modules moved to subdir Targets.

Changes from v4.11rc01 to v4.11rc02

Bradley Lowekamp (5):

     BUG: Remove unused SimpleImageRegistrationTest baselines
     ENH: Expose GetNextSeed method in MersenneTwiseter Generator
     BUG: Add option for fixed seed or wall clock seed for sampling
     BUG: Use metric random seed in v3 examples
     BUG: Prefer setting seed at algorithm in "v4" tests.

Francois Budin (3):

     ENH: Update BridgeNumPy to latest version on 2017.01.08 to address ITK-3511
     BUG: Extra \$ in doxygen comment
     BUG: Binary include directory added only if enabled shared

Jon Haitz Legarreta (2):

     DOC: Document itkLabelOverlapMeasuresImageFilter methods.
     DOC: Fix ITKImageNoise filters' doc TeX errors.

Matthew McCormick (1):

     BUG: Remove invalid ImageRegistration4Test.png.sha512

Max Smolens (1):

     DOC: Fix itkUnsharpMaskImageFilter documentation typos

Simon Rit (1):

     BUG: ITK-based software was crasing when thread creation failed

Changes from v4.10.0 to v4.11rc01

Bill Lorensen (4):

     COMP: Restore support for clang 3.0 compiler
     COMP: Consistent use of ModifiedTimeType
     ENH: Bump WikiExamples remote module version
     ENH: Bump WikiExamples version

Bradley Lowekamp (57):

     ENH: Add registered TrasformIO's to exception
     ENH: Use template or constant for loop stop condition
     ENH: Updating SWIG version to 3.0.9
     COMP: Address VS9 ambiguous std::abs call in Haung calculator
     COMP: Fix undefined NumericTraits::Zero and One errors with mingw64
     BUG: Fix segfault if ~CleanUpObjectFactory called multiple times
     BUG: Address itkHDF5ImageIO test failures for mingw64
     BUG: demonstrate dynamic_cast failure when reading transforms
     BUG: Address itkHDF5ImageIO test failures for mingw64
     ENH: Updating SWIG version to 3.0.10
     ENH: Enable CMP0063 New behavior
     COMP: Enable hidden visibility property with vxl static libraries
     COMP: Enable hidden visibility property with HDF5 static libraries
     COMP: Enable hidden visibility property with HDF5 static libraries
     BUG: Match Add2 function to AddImageFilter documentation
     ENH: Improve support for std::complex with PowImageFilter
     ENH: Explicitly mark required files for dependent tests
     COMP: Bypass XCode 7.3,8 internal compilation error
     COMP: Address CMake configuration error with itkJPEG2000Test03 property
     BUG: Correct test's REQUIRED_FILES to only the input.
     ENH: move HessianToObjectnessMeasure filter out of Review
     ENH: Separate TransformFactory class into separate module
     DOC: Add links between similar label to rgb filters
     ENH: Separate data from function calls
     COMP: Fix changed Graft method
     ENH: Reduce template dependencies on CalculateRotationMatrix
     ENH: Add Functor Accessors to LabelMapToRGB filter
     BUG: Enable VirtualDomain and FixedTransform in RegMethv4
     BUG: Use BSpline Order 3 for 2D in transform factory.
     ENH: Add spline order to BSplineTransform's string id
     ENH: Adding initial CircleCi configuration file
     COMP: Fix float to unsigned integer conversion warnings
     BUG: Include installed modules in ITK_MODULES_ENABLED
     COMP: Address CMake error that ITKGPUCommon is not in export
     COMP: Address wrong library types with VS and shared libraries
     BUG: Ensure CreateImageIO is concurrent thread safe
     ENH: Mark HDF5 CMake options as internal
     COMP: Add template export declaration for ParametricPath
     COMP: Correct TEMPLATE_EXPLICIT definition in Path module
     ENH: Factor out common code in the TrasformFactoryBase registration
     ENH: Add CMake variable for max transform dimension, defaults 4
     ENH: Create CMake module to check for private RTTI compatibility
     ENH: Improving setting of default ITK_TEMPATE_VISIBILITY_DEFAULT
     COMP: Correct ifndef value to allow user defined ITK_TEMPLATE_EXPORT
     BUG: Add explicit instantiate for ObjectToObjectOptimizerBase
     COMP: Use add_definitions for CMake 2.8.9 compatibility
     COMP: Add warning suppression for distcc warning
     ENH: Explicitly instantiate the optimizer base over float
     BUG: Use IsLinear to check if transform is "affine"
     ENH: Remove unneeded includes of random iterator header
     ENH: Improve thread-safety for Generator, and unique New sequence
     ENH: Do not use global random generator
     BUG: Update v3 registration metrics to use local seed
     ENH: Prefer setting local seed over global in tests.
     ENH: Update SWIG to latest 3.0.11 release
     BUG: relax testing parameters for v3 translation registration
     BUG: Restore baseline for debug registration

Caspar Goch (2):

     BUG: Use printable type for RGBA pixel ostream for ITK-3501
     STYLE: Remove extra space for ITK-3501

Christina Rossmanith (1):

     DOC: Added more details to the class Doxygen documentation.

Davis Vigneault (2):

     ENH: Add remote module DVMeshNoise

Dženan Zukić (27):

     BUG: Fixing CID-1355433 (IDENTICAL_BRANCHES)
     ENH: Adding MultipleImageIterator as a remote module
     COMP: enables TBB 4.4 back-end for VTK7's SMP
     COMP: enabling position independent code flag for FFTW
     ENH: adding configuration file for code reformatting tool clang-format
     ENH: Updating hooks to work with Windows/TortoiseGit/KDiff3
     COMP: Fixing -fPIC flag passing with Ninja build system
     ENH: Adding RLEImage as a remote module
     ENH: Updating uncrustify configuration to current git version
     STYLE: better compliance with ITK style
     STYLE: A new option in uncrustify, updating the config file accordingly
     ENH: Adding MorphologicalContourInterpolation as a remote module
     ENH: improving documentation
     BUG: fixing buffer growing endlessly, as reported by Timothee Evain
     BUG: fixing buffer growing endlessly, as reported by Timothee Evain
     STYLE: default uncrustify configuration file is less aggressive
     COMP: Fixing warning
     COMP: VS15 compiler fix
     BUG: casting -9 to unsigned produced unwanted result
     BUG: Ensuring consistency between debug and release
     COMP: Updating LesionSizingToolkit after some recent compile fixes
     COMP: respect option METAIO_USE_NAMESPACE
     ENH: updating version of AnisotropicDiffusionLBR
     ENH: adding UnsharpMaskingImageFilter
     COMP: explicitly cast to output type
     BUG: double call to update would cause empty output image
     ENH: Updating RLEImage remote module. Change-log:

Eugene Prilepin (4):

     ENH: Add the "ITK_USE_GPU" to ITK Config
     BUG: Fix API for set/get "LaplacianImageFilter" object
     ENH: Add support of images types with the 'CovariantVector' pixel type
     ENH: Add python test for the 'GradientVectorFlowImageFilter' wrap

Francois Budin (52):

     ENH: Adding GetArrayFromImage in python itk namespace
     ENH: Adding GetImageFromArray in python itk namespace
     ENH: *_WRAP_* variable per external module
     BUG: ImportImageFilter not responsible of memory management
     ENH: New remote module GenericLabelInterpolator
     DOC: SetNumberOfOutputs had wrong comment
     BUG: lazyAttributes dictionary keys could be over-ridden
     BUG: lazyAttributes dictionary keys could be over-ridden
     BUG: Fix recent update of HDF5 (1.8.17)
     ENH: Update SCIFIO to latest version on 08/23/2016
     ENH: Addition of the remote module FixedPointInverseDisplacementField
     ENH: Update SCIFIO to latest version on 08/29/2016
     BUG: Path to commit was relative instead of absolute
     ENH: Path to SetupForDevelopment is relative, not absolute
     BUG: LSMImageIO write function was not checking image dimension
     BUG: LSMImageIO was not checking correctly image dimension
     BUG: Missing associated test data
     BUG: Missing associated test data
     ENH: Bump CMakeLists.txt version to 4.10.1.
     BUG: Quotes are not escaped in configured cmake file
     ENH: Improving API of Graft() in itk::Image
     ENH: Updating ITKGenericLabelInterpolator remote module
     ENH: Update ITKIOTransformDCMTK remote module
     BUG: Factory registration should depend on ITK_BUILD_SHARED
     COMP: Updating DCMTK compilation for Ninja
     ENH: Update version of DCMTK to 3.6.1_20121012
     ENH: Update SCIFIO to latest version on 10/25/2016
     BUG: Swig and PCRE do not support space in installation paths
     BUG: exit() call from within piped commands was not exiting the script
     BUG: Typo in folder creation command
     ENH: Only display message for transform registered multiple times in debug
     ENH: Image spacing must be positive
     BUG: Supported extensions by PNG IO were not added in constructor.
     DOC: Documentation in itkRBGAPixel and itkRGBPixel was incorrect.
     ENH: Update SCIFIO to lastest (2016.12.01)
     ENH: FixedPointInverseDisplacementField moved to InsightSoftwareConsortium
     COMP: Remove compilation warnings
     ENH: Improved support of ccache and distcc
     BUG: GPUImage regression due to API change.
     ENH: Update Bridge Numpy (2016.12.05)
     ENH: Update VariationalRegistration to remove warnings during compilation
     ENH: FindPythonLibs does not support both debug and release python libraries
     ENH: Update VariationalRegistration
     BUG: Missing ITK_TEMPLATE_EXPORT in forward declaration of itk::ImageBase
     BUG: Missing ITK_TEMPLATE_EXPORT in itkOptimizerParametersHelper
     BUG: Missing ITK_TEMPLATE_EXPORT in templated class
     BUG: Remove linkage warnings on MacOS
     BUG: HDF5 CMake installation directory variable had not been updated
     BUG: Missing include header in AnisotropicDiffusionBLR remote module hxx files
     COMP: Silencing unused variable warning in itkTimeStamp
     STYLE: Improve style checking by using module ITKKWStyleOverwrite.txt
     COMP: OS*Barrier functions are deprecated on MacOS 10.12

GCC-XML Upstream (1):

     ENH: pygccxml v1.8.0 (reduced)

Gert Wollny (1):

     BUG: Relax vnl_complex floating point comparisons for i386

Gilles Filippini (1):

     BUG: Use NATIVE_HBOOL for encoding HDF5 types.

HDF Group (1):

     ENH: hdf5 1.8.17-r30218 (reduced)

Hans Johnson (23):

     COMP: Use cmake WriteCompilerDetectionHeader
     ENH: Use itk_compiler_detection versions
     COMP: Provide consistent granular C++11 support
     STYLE: Prefer to use consistent definitions
     COMP: Improve robustness of identifying the compiler standard used
     BUG: try_compile for AlignAs were always failing
     STYLE: Provide a well documented macro for repeated code
     STYLE: Delete functions in consistent way
     COMP: GPU baseclass ivars need to be protected
     COMP: Remove unnecessary circular dependancy
     COMP: Add long long usage for HDF5
     COMP: Add long long usage for HDF5
     STYLE: Prefer static small array to dynamic array
     BUG: Confusing interface for FFTW wisdom files
     STYLE: Output dimension from OutputImageType
     STYLE: Code review style cleanups
     STYLE: Prefer to use ITK AssertOrThrow macros
     ENH: Add OverrideBoundaryCondition logic
     ENH: Provide mechanism for enhanced NIFTI support
     BUG: Use NIFTI sform/qform conventions correctly
     ENH: Remove ambiguity about sform/qform

Hastings Greer (8):

     BUG: ITK-3448 Wrap itkQuadEdgeCellTraitsInfo more specifically
     BUG: make itkTriangleHelper instantiable to ease wrapping
     BUG: remove lsqr because of license issues ITK 1160
     BUG: make itkTriangleHelper instantiable to ease wrapping
     BUG: initialize X to zero in lsmr Solve
     BUG: Labled Point Set Registration: test multiple labels
     BUG: Fix python wrapping of Cuberille remote module
     BUG: Add test demonstrating Python global timestamp issue

Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (5):

     STYLE: UseITK: Set ImageIO exceptions using new convention. See #3393
     STYLE: MeshIO: Moves virtual destructor into cpp files. See #3393
     STYLE: Update MeshIO factories to use RegisterFactoryInternal. See #3393
     STYLE: MeshIO: Move MeshFileWriterException into its own file. See #3393
     STYLE: MeshIO: Remove unused include from headers. See #3393

Johan Andruejol (3):

     ENH: Add missing itkKernelFunctionBase wrapping
     ENH: Add PrincipalComponentsAnalysis remote module
     COMP: Override cannot be used with inline

Jon Haitz Legarreta (216):

     ENH: Improve itkFlatStructutingElement coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkPathToImageFilter class coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkIsolatedWatershedImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkLogSigmoidTransferFunction coverage.
     STYLE: Improve itkBSplineTransform doc style.
     ENH: Improve GaborKernelFunctionCoverage.
     PERF: Remove duplicate itkMath include
     STYLE: Move the PrintSelf method to the end
     STYLE: Improve the itkScalarToRGBColormapImageFilter style.
     STYLE: Delete duplicate method documentation
     STYLE: Remove method documentation from implementation file
     STYLE: Improve GACLevelSet classes' style
     STYLE: Improve test style
     ENH: Improve itkGaussianDerivativeImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve the itkScalarToRGBColormapImageFilter coverage
     STYLE: Improve itkScalarToRGBColormap test style
     ENH: Improve GACLSImageFilter classes' coverage
     STYLE: Improve comment style in GACLS tests
     ENH: Improve itkImportImageFilter coverage
     ENH: Improve itkVideoFileReader coverage
     ENH: Improve itkVideoFileWriter coverage
     STYLE: Improve the itkVideoFileWriter style.
     STYLE: Imrpove itkVideoFileReader style.
     ENH: Improve the itkBSplineControlPointImageFunction coverage
     STYLE: Improve the itkIntensityWindowingImageFilter style
     STYLE: Improve the itkIntensityWindowingImageFilter test style
     ENH: Improve ImageToSpatialObjectRegistrationMethod coverage
     STYLE: Improve test style
     ENH: Improve MaskNeighborhoodOperatorImageFilter coverage
     ENH: Improve itkMeshFileWriter coverage
     ENH: Improve RescaleIntensityImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkClampImageFilter coverage.
     BUG: Fix ivar type casting in PrintSelf.
     STYLE: Improve MRIBiasFieldCorrectionFilter style.
     ENH: Improve MRIBiasFieldCorrectionFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkIntensityWindowingImageFilter coverage
     BUG: Fix Run-time type information in CSV module classes.
     ENH: Improve the itkHistogram class code coverage.
     DOC: Fix documentation typo.
     STYLE: Improve the ImproveRescaleIntensityImageFilter style.
     PERF: Make the itkVideoFileReader ivars private
     PERF: Make itkVideoFileWriter ivars private
     ENH: Improve coverage for itk::OrientImageFilter.
     STYLE: Improve itk::OrientImageFilter class style.
     ENH: Improve itkCSVNumericObjectFileWriter coverage.
     ENH: Add missing standard class typdefs.
     ENH: Improve itkVoronoiSegmentationImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkVoronoiSegmentationImageFilter style.
     STYLE: Improve the MalahanobisDistanceThresholdImageFunction style.
     ENH: Improve coverage for itkMalahanobisDistanceThreshold.
     ENH: Improve itk::MinimumMaximumImageCalculator coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkMinimumMaximumImageCalculator style.
     BUG: Fix type mismatch in test.
     STYLE: Improve itkPolylineMaskImagefilter style.
     ENH: Improve itkPolylineMaskImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkFileListVideoStyle.
     ENH: Improve itkLandmarkBasedTransformInitializer coverage.
     ENH: Add baseline image to itkPolylineMaskImageFilter test.
     ENH: Improve coverage for itkBSplineTransformInitializer.
     STYLE: Improve itkBSplineTransformInitializer doc style.
     ENH: Enhance itkBSplineTransformInitializer implementation.
     DOC: Fix typo in method documentation.
     ENH: Improve the itkRegularStepGradientDescentOptimizerv4 style.
     STYLE: Improve the itkSimpleContourExtractorImageFilter style.
     ENH: Exercise the class' Get methods.
     ENH: Improve coverage for itkStatisticsOpeningLabelMapFilter.
     ENH: Improve style for itkThresholdLabelerImageFilter.
     ENH: Improve itkThresholdLabelerImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Get internal ImageIO via a const macro.
     ENH: Improve the itkSimpleContourExtractorImageFilter coverage.
     STYLE: Improve the itkMetaArray class style.
     ENH: Improve MetaArrayReader/Writer coverages.
     ENH: Improve the itkCovarianceImageFunction style.
     STYLE: Improve itkVoronoiDiagram2DGenerator style.
     ENH: Improve VoronoiDiagram2DGenerator coverage.
     STYLE: Improve the itkBayesianClassifierImageFilter style.
     STYLE: Improve the itkMetaArrayWriter style.
     ENH: Improve itkCovarianteImageFunction coverage.
     COMP: Fix signed/unsigned int comparison warning.
     DOC: Improve itkGrayscaleDilateImageFilter documentation.
     DOC: Improve documentation for itkGrayscaleErodeImageFilter.
     DOC: Improve ConfigureHistogram method documentation.
     STYLE: Improve the itkMovingHistogramMorphologyImagefilter style.
     BUG: Fix Superclass name in RTTI.
     STYLE: Improve itkGaussianInterpolateImageFunction style.
     ENH: Improve coverage for itkGaussianInterpolateImageFunction.
     ENH: Improve itkBayesianClassifierImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Add itkBSplineControlPointImageFilter RTTI.
     STYLE: Improve itkBSplinecontrolPointImageFilter style.
     ENH: Improve itkBSplineControlPointImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve coverage for itkRegularStepGradientDescentOptimizerv4.
     STYLE: Improve the class implementation file style.
     STYLE: Improve the itkResampleImageFilter style.
     DOC: Fix typo in GetMTime method doc.
     STYLE: Remove out-of-body implementation doc
     ENH: Improve itkResampleImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkAbsImageAdaptor and Filter coverage.
     BUG: Fix itkLSMImageIO class' Superclass name.
     ENH: Improve the itkInterpolateImagePointsFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkPowImageFilter coverage.
     BUG: Fix ConvolutionImageFilter RTTI.
     STYLE: Use initialization lists.
     STYLE: Improve BinaryFunctorImageFilter style.
     ENH: Improve itkMinimumImageFilter code coverage.
     BUG: Fix Linux-x86_64-gcc4.1 warning on implicit conversion.
     ENH: Improve MaximumImageFilter coverage.
     BUG: Fix conversion to PixelType conversion.
     COMP: Fix double to unsigned char conversion warning.
     ENH: Improve coverage for itkNormalizeToConstantImageFilter.
     BUG: Fix itkSquaredDifferenceErrorFunction RTTI.
     ENH: Improve itkMeanImageFunctionCoverage.
     ENH: Improve itkSquareImageFilter coverage.
     STYLE: Improve the itkSquaredDifferenceErrorFunction style.
     STYLE: Enhance style for itkNormalizeToConstantImageFilter.
     STYLE: Improve itkMeanImageFunction style.
     ENH: Remove unnecesary call to filter print.
     ENH: Improve itkRegionOfInterestImageFilter coverage.
     STYLE: Improve itkRegionOfInterestImageFilter style.
     STYLE: Improve itkPasteImageFilter style.
     STYLE: Improve itkJoinSeriesImageFilter style.
     BUG: Fix itkPadLabelMapFilter RTTI Superclass.
     COMP: Address std::cout.precision conversion warning.
     ENH: Improve itkBayesianClassifiertImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkPadLabelMapFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkJoinSeriesImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve the itkPasteImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve MeanImageFilter coverage.
     COMP: Address std::cout.precision conversion warning.
     ENH: Improve TernaryMagnitudeImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve FFTConvolutionImageFilter coverage.
     DOC: Fix class documentation in ternary magnitude filters.
     ENH: Improve ConstrainedValueDifferenceImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve AndImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Add baseline test to itkTernaryMagnitudeImageFilter.
     ENH: Use MD5 comparison framework in baseline test.
     ENH: Improve itk::VectorRescaleIntensityImageFilter coverage.
     STYLE: Improve the itkVectorRescaleIntensityImageFilter style.
     ENH: Print missing ivar in filter PrintSelf method.
     ENH: Improve itkComplexToImaginaryFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkComplexToPhaseImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkComplexToModulusImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkComplexToRealImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkVectorResampleImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Add GetTransform method.
     ENH: Improve itkConstrainedValueAdditionImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkModulusImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkLog10ImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Imporve itkMagnitudeAndPhaseToComplexImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkLogImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkInvertIntensityImageFilter coverage.
     STYLE: Improve itkInvertIntensityImageFilter style.
     DOC: Add missing doc to itkInvertIntensityImageFilter.
     STYLE: Improve itkIntensityWindowingImageFilter style.
     STYLE: Use initialization lists.
     ENH: Improve itkIntensityWindowingImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkNaryMaximumImageFilter coverage.
     COMP: Fix std::precision type casting warning.
     ENH: Improve itkPointSetToPointSetRegistrationMethod coverage.
     STYLE: Improve the itkPointSetToPointSetImageRegistrationMethod style.
     ENH: Remove SmartPointers being explicitly initialized to null.
     STYLE: Improve the itkPointSetToImageRegistrationMethod style.
     ENH: Improve itkPointSetToImageRegistration coverage.
     STYLE: Change the name of the itkPointSetToImageRegistrationMethod test.
     STYLE: Improve itkVectorResampleImageFilter style.
     STYLE: Improve the itkAntiAliasBinaryImageFilter style.
     ENH: Improve trigonometric function filters' coverage.
     STYLE: Remove test names from std::out messages.
     ENH: Improve Boolean Algebra ImageFilters coverage.
     STYLE: Improve the EuclideanDistancePointMetric style.
     ENH: Improve itkSigmoidImageFilter coverage.
     STYLE: Improve itkCropImageFilter style.
     ENH: Improve itkCropImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve RGBToLuminanceImageFilter and Adaptor coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkRescaleIntensityImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve the itkMatrixSelectionImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkTanImageFilter and Adaptor coverage.
     ENH: Increase itkSqrtImageFilter and Adaptor coverage.
     ENH: Increase itkTernaryOperatorImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Increase itkSymmetricEigenAnalysisImageFilter coverage.
     STYLE: Improve itkScalarImagekmeansImageFilter style.
     STYLE: Conform to TEST_SET_GET_VALUE definition.
     BUG: Fix uninitialized variable due to dynamic analysis defect.
     BUG: Fix uninitialized variable defect reported by valgrind.
     ENH: Improve the itkPointSetToPointSetRegistrationTest.
     ENH: Improve the itkPointSetToImageRegistrationTest.
     ENH: Increas BinaryMagnitudeImageFilter coverage.
     STYLE: Remove test name from std output.
     ENH: Increase MagnitudeImageFilter coverage.
     BUG: Fix uninitialized variable defect reported by valgrind.
     BUG: Fix Superclass name in RTTI.
     STYLE: Improve itkFrustumSpatialFunction style.
     STYLE: Improve the itkConicShellInteriorExteriorSpatialFunction style.
     BUG: Fix Superclass template argument list.
     STYLE: Improve the itkTorusInteriorExteriorSpatialFunction style.
     STYLE: Improve the itkCheckerBoardImageFilter class style.
     ENH: Improve the itk::LabelVotingImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkCheckerBoardImageFilter coverage.
     STYLE: Improve itk::LabelVotingImageFilter style.
     STYLE: Improve the itkHoughTransform2DCirclesImageFilter style.
     ENH: Add test for itk::FrustumSpatialFunction class.
     ENH: Improve itkConnectedThresholdImageFilter coverage.
     STYLE: Improve itkConnectedThresholdImageFilter style.
     BUG: Fix FrustumSpatialFunction internal precision conversion.
     COMP: Fix implicit conversion warning.
     STYLE: Improve itkThresholdImageFilter style.
     ENH: Add test for itk::TorusInteriorExteriorSpatialFunction.
     BUG: Fix Superclass template argument list.
     ENH: Improve itkUnsharpMaskingImageFilter implementation.
     ENH: Improve the itkUnsharpMaskingImageFilter coverage.
     ENH: Fix UnsharpMaskingImageFilter test inconsistencies.
     BUG: Add missing itkTypeMacro.
     DOC: Document the member variables.
     BUG: Fix the itkImageSource RTTI class name,
     STYLE: Improve itkLabelImageGaussianInterpolateImageFunction style.
     ENH: Finish itkGaussianInterpolateImageFunction PrintSelf.
     STYLE: Improve itkLabelOverlapMeasurementImageFilter style.

KWSys Robot (6):

     KWSys 2016-06-30 (96f06c8e)
     KWSys 2016-10-23 (b630d2f5)
     KWSys 2016-11-03 (37306a1c)
     KWSys 2016-11-08 (2b3e2b1c)
     KWSys 2016-11-09 (18c65411)
     KWSys 2016-11-21 (cb55cf5a)

Maeliss Jallais (1):

     BUG: Add unsigned and signed short to the wrapping of vnl_matrix

Matthew McCormick (85):

     PERF: Simplify HilbertPath numberOfPathVertices computation.
     BUG: CID 1355469 NNetClassifierTest4 unintended integer division.
     BUG: Update Cuberille Remote for version check fix.
     ENH: Bump ITK version to 4.11.0.
     BUG: Fix HDF5ImageIO type information.
     BUG: Fix H5File memory leak in HDF5ImageIO.
     DOC: Collect Francois Budin's contributions in .mailmap
     BUG: Limit WRAP_ITK_MODULES when building externally
     STYLE: Improvements to ResourceProbe report output.
     ENH: Add a useTabs argument to ResourceProbe::Report.
     ENH: Add standard error measure to the ResourceProbe
     ENH: Add itk_python_add_test function.
     BUG: Remove VNL file from subtree merge.
     COMP: Fix wrapping with a space in the Python include path
     BUG: Fix PermuteAxesImageFilter pipeline method visibility
     BUG: Initialize PermuteOrder and FlipAxes in OrientImageFilter
     BUG: ResampleImageFilter honor isInside output of the transform method
     COMP: Avoid recursive include of itkMath.h
     COMP: Fix VXL header installation locations
     BUG: ClampImageFilterTest for older GCC, InPlaceOn
     DOC: Add file to the top level.
     COMP: Update VariationalRegistration to address Doxygen warnings
     BUG: Compiler detections file installed into ITK build tree location
     COMP: Do not use string(TIMESTAMP.
     COMP: Remove HDF5 -std=c99 for C++ files
     BUG: Do not build HDF5 static library with a shared build
     ENH: Add PerformanceBenchmarking Remote Module
     COMP: Remove duplicate wrappings for ResampleImageFilter
     BUG: Put Python test output files in the build tree
     BUG: Improve HDF5ImageIO::CloseDataSet name
     COMP: Use add_python_test PythonLazyLoadingImage
     COMP: Address missing override it itkFactoryTestLib.cxx
     BUG: Index,Size,Offset constructors present in Python with C++11
     COMP: Address missing override it itkFactoryTestLib.cxx
     BUG: PerformanceBenchmarking as EXCLUDE_FROM_DEFAULT
     ENH: Bump SetupForDevelopment version
     BUG: Add missing ZLib deflate support to HDF5
     BUG: Address memory leak, remove NumPy build dep in BridgeNumPy
     COMP: Do not set ITK_LIBRARY_BUILD_TYPE in ITKTransformFactory
     COMP: Do not set ITK_LIBRARY_BUILD_TYPE in ITKTransformFactory
     BUG: RichardsonLucyDeconvolutionImageFilter with non-null input Image Origin
     BUG: Fix inconsistent Twister start with Initialize(seed) and SetSeed(seed)
     BUG: Do not hard code CMake scripts in HDF5
     COMP: Workaround Emscripten ITKCommon test build failure
     COMP: Do embed fancy HDF5 libsettings with Emscripten
     COMP: Add missing H5T_patch_vlen_file declaration
     ENH: Bump CastXML to 2016-10-11 master.
     COMP: Workaround Emscripten ITKCommon test build failure
     BUG: Swap CastXML hashes for Mac OSX and Windows
     ENH: Sync ExternalData.cmake with upstream CMake 3.6.2
     COMP: Fix VNL tests when cross-compiling
     ENH: ExternalData multi-algorithm support
     ENH: ExternalData support for
     BUG: Install missing H5pubconf.h
     BUG: Use SpacePrecisionType in TileImageFilter
     BUG: Use internal ExternalData_Add_Target
     ENH: Run .sha512, .md5 simultaneous modification pre-commit check
     BUG: Correct CastXML Windows binary
     BUG: Support non-zero Index in LevelSetNeighborhoodExtractor
     ENH: Add
     BUG: Correct AtanRegularizationHeavisideStepFunction derivative
     ENH: Add Utilities/Maintenance/
     BUG: Remove extra HessianToObjectness content links
     ENH: Wrap SpatialFunction float types with ITK_WRAP_float
     BUG: Bump PerformanceBenchmarking to 2016-11-04
     BUG: itk_python_expression_add_test too many quotes.
     ENH: Wrap VectorImage with complex real pixel types
     ENH: Bump PerformanceBenchmarking to 2016-11-07
     BUG: Do not assume zero Index in ReinitializeLevelSetImageFilter
     ENH: Create itk_module_add_library macro
     BUG: Update for KWStyle addition
     COMP: Install a newer version of CMake on CircleCI
     ENH: Use GitHub Pages as the first ExternalData resource
     ENH: Add tests to demonstrate OSX dynamic_cast failure
     BUG: Use random seed with for MersenneTwisterRandomVariateGenerator.
     BUG: Enable program global timestamp
     BUG: Set random number seed in Mattes metric test
     BUG: Notify builder that ITK_DYNAMIC_LOADING is required with wrapping
     BUG: Set random number seed mutual information metric tests
     BUG: Wrap std::vector< itk.Point >
     BUG: Fix wrapping of LandmarkBasedTransformInitializer
     BUG: Rename UnsharpMaskingImageFilter to UnsharpMaskImageFilter
     DOC: Add Dženan Zukić to .mailmap

Max Smolens (4):

     COMP: CID-1266557 StatisticsLabelMapFilter uninitialized scalar field
     BUG: CID-1355438 QuadEdgeTest1 resource leaks
     COMP: CID-1355472 MIRegistrationFunction unused value
     COMP: Fix link errors for VNL template instantiations on Windows

Mayeul Chassagnard (7):

     BUG: Test added and error fixed in HDF5ImageIO
     ENH: Update add_library TO itk_module_add_library
     COMP: Set Policy CMP0023 target_link_libraries for Modules/ThirdParty/VNLI...
     BUG: Add ITK_TEMPLATE_EXPORT to template classes
     BUG: Fix errors linked to dyn_cast merge
     BUG: Restore old ITKModule_TEMPLATE_EXPORT specification for classes
     BUG: dash3win7 dashboard build error unresolved external symbol

Michka Popoff (3):

     ENH: Update for v1.8.0
     ENH: Update for pygccxml v1.8.0
     COMP: Use pygccxml's public API for apply definitions

Pierre Barbier de Reuille (2):

     COMP: Fix function naming error when using FFTWD
     COMP: Fix function naming error when using FFTWD

Sean McBride (1):

     COMP: Bypass HDF5 bugs under TSan

Simon Rit (2):

     COMP: remove C++11 compiler warning for CUDA compilations
     COMP: remove C++11 compiler warning for CUDA compilations

Somesh Kashyap (2):

     BUG: Override TransformCategoryType for AzimuthElevationToCartesianTransform
     BUG: -Added test case for  itkAzimuthElevationToCartesianTransform

Sumedha Singla (1):

     ENH: Updated the git tag for ITK-Minimal-Path-Extraction remote module

Taylor Braun-Jones (4):

     COMP: Skip path length checks if ITK_SKIP_PATH_LENGTH_CHECKS is enabled
     COMP: Fix truncation from double to float warning
     DOC: Fix incorrect itkFactorylessNewMacro documentation
     COMP: Only include the headers for required OpenCV modules

Thien Nguyen (1):

     PERF: SmapsFileParser unnecessary dynamic_cast

VXL Maintainers (4):

     VNL 2016-05-15 (14f97ab4)
     VNL 2016-06-22 (23a93adb)
     VNL 2016-06-29 (d62a2d70)
     VNL 2016-07-06 (acfa62cc)

Vladimir S. FONOV (1):

     COMP: Build against GCC 5.3.1

Zach Williamson (2):

     ENH: Update Remote Module Tags
     BUG: Fix Python Wrappings in C++11

Ziv Yaniv (1):

     BUG: Metric sampling percentage accepted values outside (0.0, 1.0].

ITK Sphinx Examples Changes

Matt McCormick (6):

     BUG: Use GDCM ITK module name
     ENH: Rename ReadDICOMSeriesAndWrite3DImage
     BUG: Add tests for ReadDICOMSeriesAndWrite3DImage
     ENH: Bump ITK Superbuild version to 2016-09-20 master
     ENH: Add Python version of ReadDICOMSeriesAndWrite3DImage
     ENH: Add Python version of CreateAnRGBImage

Michka Popoff (5):

     ENH: Use same Python interpreter as ITK for wrapping tests
     BUG: Fix ResampleAnImage example (Python3)
     ENH: Add Python example for ApplyAFilterOnlyToASpecifiedRegionOfAnImage
     ENH: Add 7 Python examples to Core/Common
     ENH: Add BoundingBoxOfAPointSet Python example

ITK Software Guide Changes

Matt McCormick (8):

     DOC: Move the location for obtaining the software
     DOC: Remove reference to ITKApps
     ENH: Bump ITK ExternalProject version to 2016-11-02 master
     DOC: Document the ITK module registry
     ENH: Bump ITK ExternalProject version to v4.11rc01 master
     DOC: Update CMake hyperlinks
     DOC: Update minimum required CMake version to 2.8.9
     DOC: Add section on static and shared libraries.