ITK/Release 4.1 Changed From Previous

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Andriy Kot (1):

     ENH: itkMaskFeaturePointSelectionFilter: initial submission

Arnaud Gelas (9):

     DOC: fix doxygen warning
     DOC: Add formula for the curvature term
     DOC: update doxygen configuration file for Doxygen 1.6.1
     ENH: Possibility to provide a propagation image
     PERF: Minor speed improvement in LabelObject / LabelMap
     DOC: fix doxygen warnings
     ENH: Make use of types defined in Histogram to be able to handle 64 bit images
     ENH: Use types from itk::Histogram
     BUG: Lots of classes were undocumented cause of a __itkMacro_h was undefined

Baohua Wu (1):

     ENH: added convergence checking in itkGradientDescentOptimizerv4

Bill Lorensen (6):

     COMP: Unterminated string causes valgrind defect.
     BUG: Wrong size for parameters.
     BUG: Older versions of VTK do not define VTK_LIBRARIES
     BUG: Older version of VTK cannot be used with ITK
     BUG: zlib 1.2.6 API change
     BUG: CPack was not set up propery for ITKv4

Brad King (9):

     ENH: Teach ExternalData to expand DATA{} inside strings
     ENH: ExternalData: Add "-stamp" suffix to build outputs
     ENH: ExternalData: Add option ExternalData_BINARY_ROOT
     ENH: Teach git-gerrit-(push|merge) to validate topic name
     ENH: Teach git-gerrit-merge to report topic name
     ENH: Simplify local Git hook chaining
     BUG: Fix ITK prepare-commit-msg hook to not erase branch name
     BUG: Fix ITK prepare-commit-msg hook for non-GNU sed
     MetaIO: Always use std:: streams for VTK

Bradley Lowekamp (26):

     COMP: Fixing compilation warning in the thresholding calculators
     DOC: Updated documentation for ThresholdMaximumConnectedComponents
     ENH: Adding support for VectorImages to LabelToRGBImageFilter
     ENH: VectorConnectedComponet filter to work with VectorImages
     BUG: Fixing UpperBoundary parameter in ThresholdMaxCC filter
     BUG: Fix mismatch in internal image types for IsolatedWatershed
     BUG: Some Set by scalar methods were not modifing the time of filter
     ENH: adding support to LabelOverlay for VectorImage output
     ENH: Adding Image::Rebind to support smoothing vector images
     ENH: Adding Image::Rebind to support smoothing vector images
     BUG: VotingBinary could not set output pixels before
     COMP: fix comparison between signed and unsigned with cast
     BUG: Restoring adaptor support to SmoothingRecursiveGaussian
     BUG: corrected libtiff to be confgured for big-endian system
     BUG: Adding tolerance to the VectorThreshold level-set test
     COMP: Address warnings in PreWarpTest
     BUG: Adding tolerance to ThresholdSegmentationLevelSetWhiteMatterTest
     COMP: attributes don't do anything in forward declarations
     COMP: fix warning of signed unsigned comparison
     BUG: Adjust intensity tolerance for SimpleImageRegistrationTest
     COMP: Use SizeValueType for indexing in Neighborhoods
     ENH: adding additional dart metric for image error statistics
     BUG: Corretly choose best baseline for difference image
     COMP: Fix warning in BalloonForceFilte about vd being unintialized
     BUG: prevent divide by zero in computing mean
     BUG: Set the number of components-per-pixel for SeriesReader

Brian Avants (5):

     ENH: adding a multi-start optimizer
     ENH: multi-optimizers w/registration tests
     ENH: fix jacobian wrt params + img-grad reorientation
     ENH: updates for algorithm correctness.
     BUG: cleaning up the tv field registration

Cory Quammen (5):

     STYLE: Fixed typo in test variable name
     COMP: Added undefined type
     ENH: Added Deconvolution module
     ENH: Added linear deconvolution filters
     DOC: Fixed indices in pad image filter diagrams

David Doria (1):

     DOC: Add Doxygen comments to some functions.

Félix C. Morency (1):

     ENH: Added itkVTKImageToImageFilter and Python wrapper to VtkGlue

Gang Song (3):

     BUG: return false if dividing by zero in ANTS CC
     ENH: Clean up the Normalized Cross Correlation in Metricv4
     ENH: add test for validating image gradients in metricv4

Gaëtan Lehmann (9):

     ENH: Add required named inputs managements in ProcessObject
     BUG: fix module name in
     ENH: add wrapping backward compatibility macros
     STYLE: fix InitializationBiasedParticleSwarmOptimizer doxygen name
     BUG: remove SwigPyIterator/PySwigIterator
     COMP: global Clone() architecture compatible with java
     BUG: *InDoxygenGroup tests should be ignored by valgrind
     COMP: fix missing vtkImagingPythonD lib link

Hans Johnson (13):

     PERF: Updated lbfgsb to fix bug
     COMP: Be compliant with ANSI standard
     COMP: Removed clang compiler warnings.
     BUG: Remove uninitialized memory print.
     BUG: Virtual was missing on derived class
     COMP: Removed HDF5 unused types.
     COMP: Improve coverage of Kernel
     BUG: 32bit windows bug introduced
     DOC: Fixed documentation to match code behavior
     DOC:  Fixed minor documentation issues
     BUG: Added test to expose overlooked bug
     BUG: Propogated bug from ITKv3 Optimized BSplines
     COMP:  Mismatch array length traversal

ITK Migration V4 (3):

     DOC: Modify BinaryMorphologicalOpeningImageFilter comments.
     DOC: Modify ScalarImageToTextureFeaturesFilter comments.
     DOC: Modify IntensityWindowingImageFilter comments.

Kent Williams (3):

     COMP: cleanup based on CLang warnings
     COMP: Disable GNU extensions for CLang++
     ENH: Add Clone Method to transform hierarchy.

Luis Ibanez (1):

     ENH: Scripts to generate Git Statistics.

Marius Staring (1):

     PERF: Switched order of if-statement and for-loop in DetermineRegionOfSupport

Matthew McCormick (16):

     ENH: Bump CMakeLists.txt version to 4.1.0.
     DOC: Fix log_{10} e doxygen LaTeX formula.
     PERF: Thread Whitaker level set ComputeIteration.
     BUG: LevelSetDenseImage test recognize zero values.
     COMP: Fixing missing include in itkMaskFeaturePointSelectionFilter.
     BUG: Only add MRC to registration factories with ITK_USE_REVIEW ON.
     BUG: Check pthread_create return value.
     PERF: Thread LevelSetEvolution::ComputeIteration for multiple domains.
     ENH: Use compensated summation in  MutualInformationImageToImageMetric.
     STYLE: Fix KWStyle errors.
     BUG: Fix VideoFileReader memory leak.
     DOC: Fix typo in DifferenceImageFilter migration guide.
     COMP: Fix HDF5 build with Windows NMake JOM generator.
     BUG: Add TimeVaryingBSplineVelocityFieldTransform to wrapping exclusion.
     COMP: Warn about VisualStudio parallel build issues.

Michael Stauffer (21):

     ENH: Add itkCompensatedSummationTest2
     BUG: Fix the mapping of sampled points in ImageToImageMetricv4.
     BUG: Fix itkCompensatedSummationTest2
     ENH: Add MattesMutualImageToImageMetricv4
     ENH: Add options for scales & learning rate estimation behavior
     BUG: Fix sampled point list creation in ImageToImageMetricv4
     BUG: Metricsv4: set default metric value to max
     PERF: itkTimeVaryingBSplineVelocityFieldImageRegistrationTest duration
     COMP: Fix warnings
     BUG: Remove zero-point assert in JointHistorgram metricv4
     BUG: Address valgrind errors in V4 registration framework.
     BUG: ANTSNeigh metric - check valid point & test non-overlapping
     BUG: MattesMutual v4 metric bug in number of points
     PERF: TimeVaryingVelocityField - Shorten test time
     BUG: Add debug info to SimpleImageRegistrationTest
     BUG: SimpleImageRegistrationTest - remove versions 2 & 3
     BUG: itkSimpleImageRegistrationTest - more debug changes
     BUG: itkSimpleImageRegistrationTest - still more debug changes
     BUG: ImageToImageMetricv4 - concept check for integer image
     BUG: Rename and fix v4 Demons metric to MeansSquares
     BUG: yet still more debugging for itkSimpleImageRegistrationTest

Nick Tustison (5):

     ENH:  Adding time-varying B-spline transform.
     ENH:  Adding SyN registration method.
     BUG: Assignment ordering was not correct.
     ENH:  Adding gaussian interpolators.
     BUG:  array subscript is out of bounds.

Richard Beare (2):

     ENH: Masking option for histogram thresholding
     BUG: Errors from dashboard

Sean McBride (1):

     BUG: disabled use of undefined signed overflow in nrrd test

Xiaoxiao Liu (2):

     ENH: Add a video filtering module.
     BUG: Fix OpenCVVideoIOTest windows compiling errors.