ITK/Release 4.2 Changed From Previous

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Alexandre Gouaillard (1):

     COMP: the inlude file has been moved to include/

Andriy Kot (1):

     ENH: A2D2 Physics-Based Non-Rigid Registration

Arnaud Gelas (10):

     ENH: Improve code coverage for LevelSetsv4
     ENH: Possibility to provide an image to weigh the curvature term
     ENH: Review IsoDataThresholdCalculator
     ENH: Review IntermodesThresholdCalculator
     BUG: Luminance in RGB*Pixel was computed as a ComponentType
     ENH: Move ComputeMixedArea from Curvature computation into TriangleHelper
     ENH: Make it works if ImageDimension > 2
     ENH: Add interface to use vnl_sparse_lu as solver for mesh parameterization
     DOC: Fix warning on ITKExamples Dashboard.
     DOC: Fix doxygen warning

Bill Lorensen (22):

     DOC: Spelling errors in comments
     DOC: Spelling errors in comments
     DOC: Spelling errors in comments.
     DOC: Spelling errors in comments.
     DOC: Spelling errors
     BUG: Stray character
     DOC: Spelling erros in comments
     DOC: Spelling errors
     DOC: Spelling errors in comments
     DOC: Spelling errors in comments.
     DOC: Spelling errors in comments
     DOC: Bad characters
     COMP: VTK6 API change
     BUG: Bad signature for test.
     COMP: SizeValueType not defined
     BUG: Using a pointer to data that goes out of scope
     BUG: Using a pointer to data that goes out of scope
     ENH: Consistent INSTALL TARGET
     BUG: Remove legacy iterator code
     COMP: VTK6 factory changes
     BUG: Remove conflicting VTK includes
     BUG: Wrong viewport for mixed rgb/non-rgb images.

Brad King (6):

     COMP: Update VNL "long long" instantiations for vxl 2012-03-16
     COMP: Include CheckIncludeFileCXX before using it
     KWSys: Remove DateStamp
     KWSys: Fix SystemTools environment memory handling (#13156)
     KWSys: Remove dependencies on FundamentalType
     KWSys: Remove unused environ declaration from SystemTools

Bradley Lowekamp (50):

     BUG: itkTestDriver should only print usage once
     ENH: Don't use pretty functions strings, as they cause bloat
     PERF: Improved cache coherence of StatisticsImageFilter
     PERF: eliminate false sharing, improved algorithm
     BUG: Corrected parent class in Superclass and TypeMacro
     BUG: Fix incorrect progress reporting, improved exception handling
     PERF: Implementing optimized image copy method
     COMP: Address implicit cast warnings in ImageAlgorithm::DispatchedCopy
     COMP: address warnings in the ImageGrid module
     BUG: Fix exporting for Nrrd library
     COMP: Fixing warning in threshold module related double->short
     BUG: Fix out of bounds access during PrintSelf
     BUG: Addressing some warnings for implicit cast between float and interger
     BUG: Fix leak in NrrdIO when file doesn't exit
     ENH: adding ClearSeeds method to VectorConfidenceConnected filter
     ENH: For VectorImage support, iterators must not return by reference
     PERF: refactor SliceBySliceImageFilter for performance
     ENH: adding VectorImage support to Gradient image filter
     ENH: updating vector ImageFunctions to work with VectorImages
     COMP: correcting the ObjectToObjectMetric for WrapITK
     STYLE: fixes for KWStyle
     COMP: remove erouneous SWIG version check
     BUG: adding missing types for wrapping ResampleImageFilter
     COMP: fix overflow warnings
     BUG: fixing a couple unitialized variables for valgrind
     BUG: add missing ImageToImage for VectorImages
     COMP: Fix compilation warning about typedef shadowing
     COMP: Avoid C++0x constexpr error
     ENH: adding ImageSource module for WrapITK
     ENH: adding PatchBasedDenoising to WrapITK
     COMP: fix compilation warnings in GPU code
     COMP: Rename ITKImageSource module to ITKImageSources
     COMP: don't construct a object only to use static methods
     COMP: fix implicit conversion warnings
     COMP: Use SFINAE for pixel type in PatchDenoing methods
     BUG: fix incorrect class name used in PhysicalPoint source
     COMP: Fix compilation of EnableIf methods in patch denoising
     COMP: pass only unique include paths to GCC_XML
     COMP: add explicit exception specification for IO exceptions
     BUG: Display warning when returning null pointer
     COMP: Fix definition of Rigid3DTransform when LEGACY enabled
     COMP: Remove the use of legacy method
     COMP: fix compilation error where IndexType is undefined
     STYLE: fixing style according to KWStyle
     COMP: fix some conversion warnings from SimpleITK dashboard
     BUG: Use the input type for the threshold value
     BUG: Output image is zero when no seeds are provided
     BUG: Inputs to filters should be constant
     BUG: remove PatchBasedDenoising from WrapITK until fixed
     COMP: WrapITK: removed Denosing, matching dim for ObjectToObject

Brian Avants (3):

     ENH: gradient descent optimizer with golden section line search
     BUG: scales setting in wrong place
     PERF: improve speed of GetNumberOfLocalParameters

Cory Quammen (4):

     BUG: Fixed template arguments in deconvolution filters
     BUG: Fixed kernel index shifting to handle kernels with non-zero indices
     ENH: Added parametric blind least squares deconvolution
     COMP: Fixed problem with linking to system FFTW

Dave Chen (1):

     BUG: Fixed show2d WrapITK command for Macs.

Gaëtan Lehmann (1):

     ENH: wrap the deconvolution filters

Hans Johnson (11):

     COMP:  Default parameters belong at declaration
     COMP: Missing this-> required for clang++
     BUG: Introduce proper .md5 based testing data
     COMP: Remove unnecessary clang compiler option
     COMP: Variable was conditionally unitialized
     STYLE:  #if 0 sections of dead code removed
     STYLE: Deprecated functions respect itkLegacyMacro
     STYLE: Change intiial to initial
     COMP: Removing a variety of compiler warnings.
     STYLE:  Remove refernces to itkTestMain.h

ITK Migration V4 (1):

     DOC: Modify BinaryErodeImageFilter comments.

Jim Miller (2):

     COMP: there is not GPUCommonRegistration library
     DOC: correct documentation of Directions

Kent Williams (5):

     COMP: add cstring include for memcpy
     DOC: fixed up comment about GetNumberOfComponentsPerPixel()
     BUG: gdcm crashed when looking at non-dicom files.
     BUG: BSplineDeformable::InsideValidRegion problem
     BUG: Remove itkWarningMacro from BSplineDeformableTransform::TransformPoint

Kris Zygmunt (17):

     BUG: fix GPUCommon tests
     ENH: add GPU Finite Difference module
     ENH: add GPU ImageFilterBase module
     ENH: add GPU Smoothing module
     ENH: add GPU Thresholding module
     ENH: add GPU RegistrationCommon module
     ENH: add GPU PDE Deformable Registration module
     ENH: add GPU Anisotropic Diffusion module
     BUG: BoundaryFacesCalculator returns duplicate regions sometimes
     BUG: SymmetricSecondRankTensor Pre and PostMultiply return wrong type
     ENH: Add Subsampling Strategies to Statistics
     ENH: A2D2 Denoising
     COMP: Fix Patch-based Denoising 64-bit type compile errors
     COMP: Fix compile error when TR1 not available
     STYLE: Patch-based Denoising KWStyle fixes
     COMP: Enable an Iterator with VectorImageToImageAdaptor
     COMP: Fix GPUCommon warnings and circular include error

Luis Ibanez (2):

     ENH: VTK6 API change. VTK_MAJOR_VERSION has moved.
     BUG: Was not Rendering when screen capture was off.

Marc Bruce (1):

     ENH: Expanded TIFF IO for 32-bit floating-point tiffs.

Matthew McCormick (40):

     ENH: Bump version to 4.2
     COMP: Fix ImageSource MakeOutput overload error.
     PERF: Improve ScalarImageToTextureFeaturesFilter pipeline setup.
     COMP: Fix DivideOrZeroOut Functor not-used warning.
     ENH: Add itk::Math FloatAlmostEqual and FloatDifferenceULP
     COMP: PhilipsRECImageIO orientation test variable name.
     BUG: Fix PolyLineParametricPath endpoint detection.
     COMP: Fix bool comparison warning in itkMathTest.
     COMP: Fix Clang cast-align warnings in DICOMSource.h.
     COMP: Disable HeaderTests for Visual Studio 10.
     PERF: Prevent HeaderTest re-building with CMake configuration.
     BUG: Remove extra m_DirectionChange from Transform.
     COMP: ITK-2901 arg_min is not a member of vnl_sse<double>.
     ENH: Improve precision of JointHistogramMI with compensated summation.
     COMP: Add PyBuffer.h to the header test black list.
     BUG: Fix baseline tests for DiffusionTensor3DReconstructionImageFilterTest.
     ENH: Add CMake infrastructure for fetching Remote modules.
     ENH:  Add the LesionSizingToolkit as a Remote Module.
     BUG: Fix wrapping of ObjectToObjectMetric.
     BUG: LevelSetsv4 'Base' in class name.
     STYLE: Fix alignment in ImageBase.
     COMP: Fix uninitialized memory conditional in FEM tests.
     COMP: Fix wrapping for dimension = 1.
     DOC: Fix PipelineMonitorImageFilter class doc spelling.
     COMP: Update doxygen.config for version 1.8.1.
     COMP: Fix Doxygen warnings in DOMNode.
     COMP: itkRegionGrow2DTest uninitialized variable.
     COMP: RGBGibbsPriorFilter uninitialized variable.
     COMP: GaussianInterpolateImageFunction uninitialized variable.
     COMP: MaskedFFTNormalizedCorrelationImageFilter not initialized.
     COMP: Fix GPU class doxygen warnings.
     BUG: Improve HeaderTest regeneration.
     BUG: Update the Python DicomSliceRead example.
     COMP: HeaderTest configuration CMake version check.
     COMP: RegionGrow2DTest unintialized value.
     COMP: Fix doxygen warning in GPUFiniteDifferenceImageFilter.
     COMP: Doxygen warning about FloatAlmostEqual undocumented param.
     COMP: Remove WrapITK include(CPack).
     DOC: Add links in the doxygen footer to the tarballs.
     DOC: Make diagram for PhasedArray3DSpecialCoordinatesImage verbatim.

Michael Jeulin-L (1):

     BUG: Add the const correctness to SpatialObject::GetMaximumDepth

Michael Stauffer (24):

     BUG: disable computation of fixed image gradients in ANTS metric
     PERF: CompositeTransform - use raw pointers for efficiency
     PERF: Remove pre-warp in ImageToImageMetricv4.
     BUG: Add check for sampling in ANTS metric
     ENH: Metricv4 floating point compensation and summed compensation
     ENH: Change ANTS metricv4 default radius
     ENH: Add multi-metric registration test for ImageToImageMetrics
     BUG: Avoid EXC_BAD_ACCESS access when resizing array
     ENH: Add a proper Demons metric in metricv4 format.
     BUG: Fix bug in CentralDiffernceImageFunction regarding boundaries
     ENH: Update v4 PointSet metrics to work with image metrics
     ENH: Add IndexInBounds method in ConstNeighborhoodIterator
     ENH: PointSetMetric overhaul, common virtual domain, estimators
     ENH: Add ObjectToObjectMultiMetricv4
     COMP: Fix compilation errors from recent patch merges
     COMP: Fix some compiler warnings
     BUG: Implement itkObjectToObjectMetricBase::GetCurrentValue()
     PERF: Optimze GetValue in MattesMutual..ImageMetricv4
     COMP: Fix compiler warning in Jensen PointSet Metricv4
     STYLE: Rename ObjectToObjectOptimizerBase::m_Value
     COMP: Fix compiler warning in LinearInterpolateImageFunction.
     COMP: JointHistorgram Metricv4 - fix warning
     COMP: Fix some Doxygen warnings
     PERF: Change 1st parameter of UpdateTransformParameters to const

Nick Tustison (15):

     ENH: Fixing registration methods pipelining.
     ENH:  Adding B-spline SyN registration method.
     PERF:  B-spline cache thrashing. h/t Brad L.
     BUG:  Fix valgrind errors.
     ENH:  Exposing window sizes in registration methods.
     COMP:  Address comp. warnings (int <-> double)
     COMP:  Remove small warning.
     ENH:  Adding vars and removing couts
     BUG:  Iterate over virtual image (not fixed image).
     ENH: Improving event reporting for registration methods.
     STYLE:  Remove reporters from time-varying methods.
     STYLE:  More unnecessary variables removal.
     DOC:  Adding citation for method.
     BUG: Unnecessary tautology.
     ENH:  Adding option to specify sampling percentages per level.

Paul Novotny (3):

     COMP: Build fix for non-apple big-endian
     COMP: Fix Spatial Object Test Segfaults
     BUG: Fix test failures due to NrrdIO on i386

Ren-Hui Gong (3):

     ENH: XML DOM for ITK preview 5.
     BUG: XML DOM memory leakage fix and minor revisions
     BUG: XML DOM Bug-Fix and Improvements (revised 2012-06-06 5:25PM).

Sean McBride (3):

     COMP: valgrind suppression for system zlib
     COMP: Removed undefined use of std::complex with integer types
     COMP: removed invalid use of noreturn attribute

T.R Shashwath (1):

     COMP: Define feenableexcept and fedisableexcept on iOS

Vivien Delmon (1):

     COMP: fix compilation errors with gcc 4.7

Xiaoxiao Liu (8):

     BUG: Missing vxl header in BridgeVXL header test.
     BUG: Missing raw file next to mhd file.
     BUG:  Fix OpenCVVideoIO warnings and testing bugs.
     BUG: Fix itkVideoStream test failure.
     ENH: Enable component-based packaging.
     ENH: Disable system installed OpenCV and VXL warnings.
     BUG: ITK-2930 Fix OpenCVBridge memory copy errors.
     BUG: Fix itkOpenCVVideoIOTest test failure.