ITK/Release 4.7

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New Features

  • Documentation Improvements
 - Update Software Guide registration examples to ITKv4 framework
 - Wiki and Sphinx examples are indexed in Doxygen
 - Clean Software Guide dashboard build
  • Filtering Improvements
 - New Laplacian deformation filter’s for QuadEdgeMesh’s
   - IJ article:
- FFTComplexToComplexImageFilter out of Review, Vnl, FFTW implementations
- Faster recursive Gaussian on VectorImage
  • ImageIO improvements
 - PNG sCAL unit support
 - TIFF IO performance greatly improved
 - TIFF tags read into Image MetaDataDictionary
 - MetaIO updated
 - Better support for system GDCM 
  • Infrastructure improvements
 - New method to erase a MetaDataDictionary entry
 - New global method to set physical space tolerance
 - New, experimental thread pool support
 - NumericTraits::Zero and ::One are deprecated in favor of ::ZeroValue() and ::OneValue()
 - VTK bridge modules only request required VTK modules
  • New Remote Modules
 - Higher Order Accurate Gradient
 - IO Transform DCMTK
 - Subdivision Quad Edge Mesh Filters
  • Registration improvements
 - LandmarkBasedTransformInitializer supports BSplineTransform
 - Transverse inverse consistency increased
 - Automatic initialization of the transform center for multi-stage registrations
 - Sparse point B-spline field estimate
 - Mutual information faster, lower memory usage 
  • Wrapping improvements
 - Wrapping now builds without type warnings
 - pygccxml bumped to 1.6.2
 - Latest GCCXML
 - CMake wrapping infrastructure cleanup
 - Build with Ninja CMake generator
 - New GetTypes() and GetTypesAsList() methods
 - ITK_WRAP_PYTHON is exposed in ITKConfig.cmake
  • Many style improvements -- ITK gets more stylish with every release!
  • Improved code coverage -- we are over 85%!
  • *Lots* of important bug fixes