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The Insight Journal

The Insight Journal is an Open Access journal will fully electronic submision and review.

The goal of the Insight Journal is to port the concepts and practices of Open Source software to the domain of technical publishing.


  • An Open Source technical community requires an equally Open publication system
  • Open Science should enforce the reproducibiility of reported scientific work. Reproducibility requires Openess on
    • Data
    • Source Code
    • Parameters
    • Practices
  • Open Communities require Open Dialogs and discussions. Therefore
    • Peer-review must be public
    • Peer-review must be continous
    • Peer-review must not be limited to three opinions
    • Peer-review must replicate reported work
    • Peer-review must itself be subject to peer-review

Upcoming Events MICCAI 2006

The Infrastructure of the Insight Journal is going to be tested for the upcoming Open Source Workshop at MICCAI 2006, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Builds upon the success of the open-source workshop at MICCAI 2005.

Submission Process

The submission process will be fully manged online.

Insight Journal Sumission Page

  • The papers will be public from the time they get submitted.
  • Authors names and affiliations will be public along with the paper content.
  • Registration will be free of charge, but will be required for submitting papers, reviewing papers and reading papers. The purpose of the registration process will be to verify the names and afiliations of the authors, reviewers and readers.

Review Process

The review process will be performed by volunters from a larger group that will include authors submitting to the workshop.

  • Reviews will be performed on-line.
  • Names and affiliations of reveiewer will be public.
  • Reviews will be subject to comments from readers and reviewers
  • At least two reviewers from the Insight Software Consortium will be assigned to each paper
  • Any number of additional reviewer could volunteer to review a paper
  • The review process does not close. Months after the publication of a paper, new reviewers can post comments on the paper. The purpose is to maintain an open and continuous dialog around the subject of the paper.

Current List of Reviewers

Name Affiliation
Luis Ibanez Kitware, Inc.
Rick Avila Kitware, Inc.
Karthik Krisnan Kitware, Inc.
Stephen Aylward Kitware, Inc.
Julien Jomier Kitware, Inc.
Tina Kapur NAMIC

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