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One of the strongest assets of Open Source is the collective intelligence of the users community. This program is intended to tap into this invaluable resource in order to reduce the number of bugs present in the toolkit.

Announcement in the ITK users list:

Adoption Paper Work

In order to adopt a bug you should do the following:

Forms to Fill

Fill up the following form with the username and password that you will like to use in the CVS repository.

Most of the fields in this form are self-explanatory.

However, in the fields:

  • Requested resource: write "ITK Git Write Access"
  • Reference: write "Luis Ibanez (Adopt a bug program)"

This form will encrypt your user name and password and will send them to Kitware, where we will take care of creating your user account.

Procedures to Learn

You should to become familiar with the procedures on Git access.

You will find these procedures described in the following Wiki pages:

Accounts to Create

You should also create accounts in the following ITK resources

You may already have accounts in some of them...

Your CDash account is probably the most important one at this point.

Please make sure that you "subscribe" to the Insight project and that you "claim" any machines from which you submit builds.

Make sure also that your user name matches your Git account name and that your email is spelled out correctly so that CDash can send you email whenever there is an issue with a CVS commit.

Please let us know if you have any questions,