ITK Release 4/A2D2 Projects/SCORE++/Metric Schema

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Here's a quick draft of possible XML entries for metric objects:

  • metric description and references (text)
  • type of input: label image / scalar image / vector image / surface /

curves / points / transformation

  • number of inputs: pairwise comparison (Dice) or simultaneous

comparison of n results (Cohen's kappa)

  • type of output: scalar / vector / image / values on surface or point sets
  • number of outputs: could be redundant with vector output type?
  • meaning of output numbers: probability, distance, ratio, etc
  • how to compare or combine this with other metrics: range of values,

priority (relative weighting), method for reducing multivariate values (vector/image) to single number such as max, norm, etc -- this may need to be defined outside the metric, since it needs to be specific to an application or grand challenge, maybe we should have a MetricAggregator class or something that users can tweak

  • list of valid mathematical operations on the metric values (+, *,

exp, etc) -- not sure if we want this one

  • information for visualization or plotting (colors, coordinates for

points or a mesh, transparency, etc)