ITK Release 4/Users Migration Guide/Developer Migration Guide Workflow

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MigrationGuideWorkFlow1.png Initial Setup
  • Published migration guide pulled directly from master XML files
  • Sequestered applications compiling correctly
MigrationGuideWorkFlow2.png Topic Branch
  • Standard git workflow
MigrationGuideWorkFlow3.png Local Changes
  • Standard git workflow
MigrationGuideWorkFlow4.png Migration Guide XML
  • Before pushing topic to Gerrit, must create a unique XML document that documents changes to API
  • XML documents will live in the source tree in a new directory
MigrationGuideWorkFlow5.png Gerrit Review
  • Standard Gerrit review process
  • Make any necessary changes
MigrationGuideWorkFlow6.png Finalize Migration Guide XML
  • Before review can be completed, the XML file must be revised to accurately reflect API changes
MigrationGuideWorkFlow7.png Merge to master
  • Merge the topic branch to master in the normal manner using stage
  • Once change is merged into master, the published migration guide will automatically update
  • Wait for nightly Sequestered Applications builds
MigrationGuideWorkFlow8.png Applications Fail
MigrationGuideWorkFlow9.png Create Applications Topic Branch
  • Checkout current version of sequestered applications
MigrationGuideWorkFlow10.png Fix Broken Applications
  • Make necessary changes to fix compilation errors for the applications
MigrationGuideWorkFlow11.png Add Migration Guide Links
  • When committing changes to sequestered applications, developer will be asked for ID of Migration Guide Page
  • Changes will be automatically linked to published migration guide page