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Software for developing and comparing atlases and individuals.


  • This software redistributes rview, bet2, and itkEMS - which have their own licensing constraints.
  • Executables (for windows) are contained in the KWPublic/Applications/AtlasMaker/AtlasMaker directory.

Build Instructions


  1. Requires RView, bet2, and itkEMS
  2. Build FLTK, VTK, Insight, and InsightApplications
    • Make sure InsightApplications is built using FLTK
  3. Build BatchMake (to get the latest version)
  4. Run CMake using KWPublic/UNC/AtlasMaker as the source directory
  5. Build

Self-installing package

  1. Use Inno Setup to compile the package
    • File is called AtlasBuilderSetupScript.iss in AtlasMaker/AtlasMaker

Known issues

  • Many warnings (particularly from bet2 will appear)
  • This software redistributes bet2 and itkEMS - which have their own licensing constraints.
  • Probably only works on Windows with VisualStudio 8/Express/.Net