Minutes 031408

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  • Jim Miller
  • Nick Tustison
  • Luis Ibanez


  • Cutting ITK 3.6 by end of March
    • Critical Issues
      • Changes to Mattes MI
      • Installation with CPack install
      • Changes to Matrix/Tensor interactions
      • Transform IO
        • Naming conventions : Renaming some classes ? to replace the exiting TransformReader
          • Rename TxtTransformIO as "Something"TransformIO.
          • Adding the concept of a Version ? (to make easier in the future to backward-compatibly make changes)[ already has it ]
        • Do Code Review
  • ITK License change
    • Vote on whether to make the license change retroactive.
  • Facilitating 3D tests
    • Use CMake Curl for downloading the BrainWeb datasets when needed.