Minutes 032709

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  • Kent Williams
  • Nick Tustison
  • Brad Lowekamp
  • Luis Ibanez

Technical Topics

  • ShrinkImageFilter
  • MultiResolutionPyramidImageFilter
  • RecursiveMultiResolutionPyramidImageFilter
  • Naming conventions for the Statistics refactoring
    • Add "Sample" to the filters name, to complete "SampleFilter".

Action Items

  • Fix performance computation in the ShrinkImageFilter
    • Replace code in lines 158--
  • Check with Hans on a Test that can be used to check for his concern with the center of mass
    • Restore the use of the ShrinkImageFilter in the MultiResolutionImageFilter
  • Review the outcome changes and make sure that they are back-ported to 3.12.
  • Luis: To look at the "assert" error. (add include for assert)
    • Look into creating an itkAssert macro, that throws an exception, instead of calling "abort()"
  • Luis: Update Doxygen (compare ITK doxygen configuration with VTK's to identify performance bottleneck).