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  • Bill Lorensen
  • Lydia Ng
  • Julien Jomier
  • Nick Tustison
  • Vincent Magnotta
  • Luis Ibanez


  • How to maintain concept checking for new classes
  • How to converge on the method for explicit instantiation
  • Dealing with frustration in the Insight Journal
  • How to use KWStyle
  • Migrate the machines in the Dashboard to use CMake 2.2
  • One paper in the IJ is about a fix for the Gaussian Derivative function, so it will not go to the Review directory.

Action Items

  • Luis: Add a check list page (copy from IGSTK) on code review for new code coming from the Insight Journal.
  • Julien: set up a time for tcon for discussing Explicit Instantiation
  • Luis: Add SOVERSION but with gards for CMake 2.2
  • Julien: to commit the fix for the Gaussian Derivative image function and update its test.