Minutes 083110

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  • Jim Miller
  • Brad Lowekamp
  • John Galeotti
  • Brad King
  • David Cole
  • Luis Ibanez
  • Mark Roden
  • Alex Gouaillard
  • Stephen Aylward
  • Sean Megason
  • Cory Quammen

Project Topics

  • Moving Tcon at 11am on Tuesdays

Technical Topics

  • Release process
    • Will do Dashboard clean up. Then tag ITKv4-A-02
    • Then update TIFF to 4.0, PNG, and tag ITKv4-A-03
  • Gerrit first impressions
  • Breakout session : Level Set Tcon set for Thursday Sept 9, 11am EST
    • GDCM
      • Fixing ~600 warnings in Win64
    • Dealing with tests failing on Big-Endian platforms
  • Git question
    • How to deal with a file that was added as "binary"... ?
  • SimpleITK
    • Brad summarized recent tcon
    • Establish an ARB for the simple layer
      • Education users
      • Groups that could be potential future users of the simple layer
      • Start Wiki page
  • Testing Data : MIDAS
    • Allowing the user to configure the destination directory via CMake.
    • Modify setup for having a persistent copy of the data.
    • and share it among multiple builds.
    • Add versioning system to MIDASapp (be able to identify different versions of a given dataset).

Action Items