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Adding direct support for JPEG 2000

Historical Note

  • GDCM uses already JPEG2000 in order to manage compression in DICOM images.
  • The Openjpeg library is carried by ITK in the Utilities directory. (an old version...)
  • However, ITK currently doesn't


Source Code

Current effort is in the NAMIC Sandbox

have a direct support for JPEG2000 files from the ImageFileReader.

Project Page NAMIC Week

We plan to do a big push during the NAMIC Week:

Dashboard for OpenJpeg

OpenJpeg Repository


Insight Journal Relevant Papers

Community Requirements

  • Streaming (reading region of interest, without having to load the entire image)
    • Need to update to OJ v2, since v1 does not support this (see tiles support)
  • Subsampling (reading subsampled versions of the image)
  • lossy/lossless
  • Pixel types
    • 8-bits (signed/unsigned)
    • 16-bits (signed/unsigned)
    • 32-bits (signed/unsigned)
  • Multi-Channel
    • Jpeg 3D
    • Time series ?