Release 2.6

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Release 2.6 Schedule

Release Number Start Date End Date
Last period for adding classes January 15 2006 February 11 2006
Feature freeze February 12 2006 February 26 2006
CVS Tagging February 26 2006 February 26 2006
Testing tarballs February 26 2006 February 28 2006
Posting tarballs February 28 2006 February 28 2006

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Contributions from the Insight Journal being considered for inclusion in this Release. We will follow the procedures outlined here.

Deadline for having 3 reviews : January 31

Except for submission taken from MICCAI Workshop, for which only a code review is needed.

Paper Reviewer 1 Done Reviewer 2 Done Reviewer 3 Done Shepherd Recommendation Committed
Unsupervised Segmentation of Miofibers (from MICCAI Workshop) Luis X Luis Include AutomaticThresholdImageFilter (rename class and methods, fix coding style) Not yet
Tetrahedral Meshing (from MICCAI Workshop) Vincent Sylvain X Not include in 2.6, it has Licensing issues Will not
Open Topology Toolkit (from MICCAI Workshop) Bill Do not include in itk 2.6 Will not
Local Maxima Image Filter Karthik X Andinet Dan X Luis include in 2.6 Not Yet
B-Spline Scattered Data Approximation Luis Lydia Lydia Defer for ITK 2.8 Will not
Binary Morphological opening and closing Luis Jim Sylvain X Jim Waiting for Author revisions. Defer for ITK 2.8 Will not
Invert Intensity Image Filter Luis X Bill X Sylvain X Bill Include with minor coding style changes Yes
Morphological Gradient Karthik X Jim X Bill X Bill Include with minor coding changes Yes
Modulus Image Filter Luis X Jim X Bill X Bill Include with minor coding changes Yes
Minimal Imposition Image Filter Luis Sylvain X Luis Include with minor coding changes Not yet
MINC 2.0 IO Support for ITK Luis Mathieu X Sylvain X Defer for ITK 2.8. Concerns about library dependencies. Will not
Finding regional extrema Luis Jim Luis Include with minor coding changes (name) Not tet
Extending MATLAB with ITK Karthik Dan Karthik Include in Insight Applications Yes
Image Calculator Luis Vincent Bill Hans hold on for the reviews Yes
Probability Distributions for the Insight Journal Karthik X Luis X Stephen X Jim Include (finish the reviews) Not Yet
Updating GDCM + adding JPEG 2000 Mathieu Mathieu to write a report for the IJ Yes
ITK Filter for Bayesian Segmentation Karthik Andinet Luis Karthik Include (still finish the reviews) Yes