Release 2.8

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Release 2.8 Schedule

Release Number Start Date End Date
Reviewing Insight Journal April 1 2006 May 1 2006
Last period for adding classes May 1 2006 May 12 2006
Feature freeze May 12 2006 May 26 2006
CVS Tagging May 27, 2006 May 27, 2006
Testing tarballs May 28, 2006 May 29, 2006
Posting tarballs May 29 2006 May 30 2006


Contributions from the Insight Journal being considered for inclusion in this Release. We will follow the procedures outlined here.

Deadline for having 3 reviews : May 1st 2006

Paper Reviewer 1 Done Reviewer 2 Done Reviewer 3 Done Shepherd Recommendation Committed
WrapITK: Enhanced languages support for the Insight Toolkit Luis
Incorporating Metric Flows and Sparse Jacobian Transformations in ITK
Optimized Image Iterators Jim Luis Gaetan X
Improving features and performance of binary erode and dilate filters Jim
Label Overlay Julien X Bill
A small rework for the Gaussian Derivative Image Function Julien
N-D Linear Time Exact Signed Euclidean Distance Transform Vamsi X Luis X Gaetan X Luis
Improving performance of morphological reconstruction Jim
Optimization of connected component labelling Jim Luis
Changes to itk::PathToImageFilter
ContourExtractor2DImageFilter: A subpixel-precision image isocontour extraction filter Bill Julien
Image projections along an axis Jim