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SimpleITK Improvement Proposals (SIPs?)

We wish to engage and promote the SimpleITK user community in improving, guiding and evolving SimpleITK. Additionally, we want to keep these proposed changes organized so that they can be referenced and looked upon in the future.

The SimpleITK Improvement Proposals (SIPs?) are simply wiki pages, with the proposed improvement along with sections for users to comment. The proposal should also be sent to the mailing list, so enable a discussion there. The author(s) is responsible to refining the proposal from comments on the wiki page and the mailing list. When work begins, a link to a JIRA ticket is needed on the SIP wiki page to link any resulting change.

The scope of a SIP is for an architecture change, a significant backwards compatibility change, or any improvement where additional feedback from the community is needed. Normal JIRA tickets should be used for bug fixes, standard improvements along the current design, along with feature requests.

SIP 000 SimpleITK Improvement Proposals Template

SIP 001 Refactor Superbuild for More External Projects

SIP 002 Data Bridge for SimpleITK


Advisory Review Board (ARB)

The initial design of SimpleITK was done as part of the ITKv4 effort and had an Advisory Review Board. The ARB was composed of groups and individuals who are potential users of the SimpleITK layer. They provided advice to ITK developers of the simple layer regarding the design and implementation of the SimpleITK API.


A Survey was conducted to aid in establishing design goals and facilitate design choices.


There were regular TCONS with the SimpleITK team. Now SimpleITK is discussed regularly at ITK Confab or TCON.