SimpleITK/Tcon 2010 09 13

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  • Dan Blezek (Mayo Clinic)
  • Brad Lowekamp (NLM/NIH)
  • Gabe Hart (Kitware)
  • Wes Turner (Kitware)
  • Jesus Caban (NLM/NIH)
  • Luis Ibanez (Kitware)
  • Dan Mueller (Philips Healthcare)


  • How to gather feedback from the ARB
    • Wiki, Gerrit, MANTIS, Wordpress ?
  • What information we want ?
    • Start with the high level paradigm
      • Should the pipeline be exposed ?
      • Should the streaming be exposed / or even offered ?
      • It is a procedural notation important ?
    • Then dive into implementation details & syntax
      • Detailed coding examples / prototypes.
      • Make sure that we phrase the questions in non-technical terms.
        • E.g. instead of asking for "do you need Streaming" we should ask for "do you need to process images larger than your computer's RAM ?"
  • The "R" community (and other similar communities)
    • Are good targets for gathering feedback.