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hi i have many problems in the installation of VTK with visual studio 2005 i can not execute the example of vtk

Hi there

First you need to know whether VS 2005 is installed correctly or not.

So, develop a simple command line code with VS 2005.

Good luck Foruzan

PV 3.10 built from git trunk: gcc and glibcxx 3.4.14 referenced from separate directories

In attempting to build ParaView 3.10.0 from git trunk I ran into the problem of finding glibcxx 3.4.14. Apparently, when setting CMAKE options, CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER and CMAKE_C_COMPILER were both pointing to /usr/local/bin... while the required standard libraries were located in /usr/lib64/bin...

Does make or cmake determine where the standard libraries are? This is a problem with cmake, or was I supposed to know where the standard libraries were? While it did properly locate the preferred compiler, this standard library discrepancy was a challenge to figure out. Does anyone have any feedback regarding what exactly is going on