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  Description: Convert a sequence of ultrasound screen capture images and
  tracker data in InnerOptic's format to the format used by the Plus
  ultrasound library.  The Plus library uses the MetaImage file format
  where the third dimension is time.  Tracker information is stored as
  additional metadata fields in the MetaImage header.


  ./ConvertInnerOpticToPlus  [--returnparameterfile <std::string>]
                             [--processinformationaddress <std::string>]
                             [--xml] [--echo] [-f <double>] [-t <int>]
                             [-d] [-i <int>] [-e <int>] [-s <int>] [--]
                             [--version] [-h] <std::string> <std::string>


  --returnparameterfile <std::string>
    Filename in which to write simple return parameters (int, float,
    int-vector, etc.) as opposed to bulk return parameters (image,
    geometry, transform, measurement, table).
  --processinformationaddress <std::string>
    Address of a structure to store process information (progress, abort,
    etc.). (default: 0)
    Produce xml description of command line arguments (default: 0)
    Echo the command line arguments (default: 0)
  -f <double>,  --duplicateFractionalThreshold <double>
    Fractional threshold of pixels that are the same before a frame is
    considered a duplicate. (default: 0.7)
  -t <int>,  --duplicateTolerance <int>
    Tolerance for considering pixels the same. (default: 3)
  -d,  --duplicatesNotInvalid
    Do not mark duplicate frames INVALID.
  -i <int>,  --incrementIndex <int>
    Frame index increment. (default: 1)
  -e <int>,  --endIndex <int>
    Index of the last frame to extract (inclusive). (default: 9999)
  -s <int>,  --startIndex <int>
    Index of the first frame to extract (starts from zero). (default: 0)
  --,  --ignore_rest
    Ignores the rest of the labeled arguments following this flag.
    Displays version information and exits.
  -h,  --help
    Displays usage information and exits.
    (required)  InnerOptic metadata file.  This file contain tracker
    information and references the ultrasound screenshot .ppm files, which
    should be in the same directory.
    (required)  Output MetaImage FileName.  The .mha or .mhd filename
    extension is recommended.

  Author(s): Matthew M. McCormick (Kitware)
  Acknowledgements: This work is part of the TubeTK project at Kitware.