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TubeTK in 3D Slicer


Slicer 3D is the recommended platform for using TubeTK. Using TubeTK stand-alone from the command-line is also well supported.

You must first install Slicer, and then build TubeTK using that installed version of Slicer to provide the dependencies for TubeTK (e.g., ITK, VTK, CTK).


Get CMake

Install the current stable release of CMake

Get 3D Slicer

Install the current stable release of Slicer

  • Download 3D Slicer Binaries: from
  • Or, build 3D Slicer from source: Slicer4 Build Instructions
    • Configuration recommendations:
      • In CMake, turn-on advanced options and change BUILD_TYPE to Release
      • In CMake, change Slicer_USE_PYTHONQT_WITH_TCL to OFF

Get Boost (optional)

Boost is used by select TubeTK applications.

  • Boost must be built from source to resolve linking errors on 64 bit machines on current binaries for Boost
  • Version 1.54 or later is needed
  • Download from

Build TubeTK using Slicer

TubeTK will use Slicer's ITK, VTK, and other libraries during its build process, to ensure compatibility with Slicer.

  • In CMake, set the following options
    • BUILD_TYPE = Release

Configure Slicer to load TubeTK's modules

Run Slicer

  • Edit -> Application Settings -> Modules -> Additional module paths (click >> to the right of the box, then the Add button)
  • Select <YourTubeTKBuildDirectory>/TubeTK-Build/lib/TubeTK/Plugins/
  • Restart Slicer

Restart 3D Slicer

  • On restart, the TubeTK modules will now be in the list of modules. All TubeTK module names end with (TubeTK)