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Bastien Jacquet joined Kitware Europe in January 2016 as Technical Lead to promote and extend Kitware's Computer Vision expertise in Europe.

Bastien did his Ph.D. studies in Computer Vision at ETH Zurich (Switzerland), and is expected to receive his degree in 2016. His Ph.D. research investigated the different aspects of 3D reconstruction of multi-body scenes from images.

Bastien is passionate about 3D reconstruction; his technical knowledge covers C++, Python, Java, Matlab, OpenGL, HTML/Javascript/WebGL. He is interested in enabling computers to understand the world through pictures or videos.

Bastien received a dual /diplome d’Ingenieur /(M.Eng.) from École Polytechnique Paris and École des Ponts ParisTech as well as MSc. In Applied Mathematics specializing in Mathematics, Computer Vision and Machine Learning from ENS Cachan (France) in 2010.