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January 18th, 1pm EDT


  • Review action items from last time
    • Send any additional multi-threading use cases to Stephane.
    • Coordinate on setting up "modules" for VTK Journal (Bill and Will).
  • VTK release update
  • VTK reorganization update
  • VTK workflow (Berk)

Meeting Notes

  • Release
    • Finishing VTK dashboard cleanup, release soon
    • New charting classes, widget tweaks
    • Migrate changes from Slicer to VTK master
  • Reorganization
    • Waiting until Feb.
    • Marcus Hanwell will do majority of reorg
    • Berk will work on separating algorithms from pipeline, changing behavior of SetInput() to not make a pipeline connection
    • There may be additional changes needed to the filter internals when this change happens
  • VTK workflow
    • More formal procedures needed for developing VTK, as in documentation
    • Consider using gerrit for code review
    • Run only tests that are impacted by a change
    • Do we need master/next if we have gerrit?
    • Caution against getting too formalized, you will have less involvement

Action Items

Next Time

  • More about workflow