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June 28th, 9am EDT


  • VTK modularization update (Berk)
  • VTK 6 (Berk)
  • VTK backwards incompatible change to Python wrappers (Berk)
The way the patch works is by disabling Register() and UnRegister() for
any object generated by NewInstance() etc.  For other objects, the
Register/UnRegister methods work as before.  That was the compromise
that I reached between backwards compatibility and new functionality.

Chopping those methods completely would be the best, this could be
done for the VTK 6 release.

As for handling all method that generate new objects, I had a brief on-list
discussion about this with David Cole.  I could modify the VTK wrappers to
understand attribute-based hints similar to mummy/ActiVis:

iwhCounted vtkObject *vtkObject::GeneratorMethod();

The "iwhCounted" or something similarly named would be an attribute
hint we would add to the header files to indicate object generation methods.
Other attribute hints could eventually replace the Wrapping/hints file.

Meeting Notes

  • VTK 5.8 imminent
  • VTK 5.10 sometime later in the summer
  • VTK 6 in the fall
  • Postponing meeting since there is not a quorum.

Action Items

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