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We are moving the ActiViz .NET source code into the VTK tree under a new Wrapping/CSharp directory.

Stay tuned here for more information, coming soon.

A gerrit topic is now under review for inclusion in VTK 'master':

To build VTK with C# wrapping turned on, you should:

  • git fetch/checkout/pull the topic from gerrit (follow the above topic link)
  • configure it with CMake 2.8.8 or later (preferably the recently released 2.8.10)
  • use Visual Studio 2005 or 2008
  • have mummy and gccxml built and available for use
  • turn on VTK_WRAP_CSHARP
  • set AVDN_BUILD_CSHARP_DEBUG to ON if you are going to build a Debug build, and to OFF if you are going to build a Release build

Current directions for building ActiViz .NET are found on the Kitware web pages at They still largely apply to VTK with C# wrapping turned on.

The latest patch set in the latest change set of the gerrit topic now includes these items (Dec. 06, 2012):

  • enable building the testing and examples (eliminate the early "return()" in the CMakeLists and the comment near it)
  • eliminate the "if(0)" chunk
  • eliminate the CMake code associated with "abstract" -- it's unused
  • rename local CMake vars from "kit" to "module"
  • fix indentation near target_link_libraries
  • rename "CopyLibraries2" in the CMake code

The latest patch set in the latest change set of the gerrit topic now includes these items (Jan. 04, 2013):

  • remove the 3+ M Users Guide, and replace it with a text file that points to the one in the existing activizdotnet.git repo
  • include a README file in Wrapping/CSharp that has the directions for building
  • mention installing gccxml "as admin" in prerequisites
  • mention using sn to disable strong name validation so mummy and ActiViz tests pass without being strong name signed
  • Addressed Dave DeMarle's review comments from Dec. 4, 2012. His suggestions are:
    • replace that pdf with a link to it because it is out of date and large
    • explain what you need to know in order to build it somewhat like the prerequisites section of
    • expand on how to deal with the required crypto sign

Here is a TO DO list of items that should be addressed before (or soon after) we merge this topic to VTK 'master':

  • use PYTHON_EXECUTABLE instead of PYTHON_EXE because the rest of VTK uses that
  • get the remaining existing tests passing
 This is due to the new vtk 6 factories. The tests fail when they try to instantiate generic classes and get Null pointers. 
 Dave's latest WIP commit is a workaround that temporarily instantiates classes to make dll load. Need to at least generate that list from vtk modular cmake.
  • The csharp PrintAll test has 200 some errors now with vtk6, in 5.8 there were only a handful of classes that failed.
  • vtkImageData - make the old code work with new methods (something changed since 5.8...)
  • re-write or fix and re-enable the "converted from tcl" tests... both the automatically python-script-converted ones, and the manually translated ones