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NOTE: vtkRenderingOpenGLNew was a transitory module that was added in VTK version 6.2 to allow use of the new OpenGL2 GPU ray cast mapper with the OpenGL v1.2 backend; until the OpenGL2 backend stabilized. This module was removed in VTK version 6.3.

The class vtkOpenGLGPURayCastMapper has been re-written to provide a faster, more portable and more easily extensible volume mapper for regular rectilinear grids. This is still a work in progress and is part of the effort to obsolete OpenGL 1.1 backend pipeline calls from VTK. To make the new mapper available in conjunction with other un-ported volume mappers, it has been added to a new module called vtkRenderingVolumeOpenGLNew. The new module is designed to override the vtkGPURayCastMapper from vtkRenderingVolume module.


The new vtkOpenGLGPURayCastMapper uses vtkglew to determine which OpenGL extensions are supported by the target platform.

Using new vtkOpenGLGPURayCastMapper

The user can try out the new volume mapper by switching the Module_vtkRenderingVolumeOpenGLNew flag to ON while configuring VTK. The mapper can be instantiated using the vtkGPURayCastMapper class or by instantiating the vtkSmartVolumeMapper.