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Documentation Improvement

(If you agree with the following, vote for the improvements!!)

In my experience, the single most important factor that influences a users attitude about a software package is its ease of use. VTK provides a phenomenal collection of tools for scientific data processing and visualization. However, if a user has difficulty accessing these tools, their experience with, and therefore opinion of, the software will be less than satisfactory. Documentation is the key element which controls this difficulty level. I propose some improvements to the documentation system here.


  • Add required libraries list to each class
  • Clearly indicate default values
  • Clearly explain all function parameters


  • SetFudgeFactor should not be a function because the fudge factor is always computed in the BuildLocator or BuildLocatorFromPoints function


  • GetMTime - says "Get the MTime". What is MTime? Modification time? Maybe "Get the time at which the object was last modified."


Add this:

The SetTargetReduction function specifies how many triangles should reduced by specifying the percentage ([0,1]) of triangles to be removed. For example, if the mesh contains 100 triangles and SetTargetReduction(.90) is called, after the decimation there will be approximately 10 triangles - a 90% reduction.