Proposed Changes to VTK

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Revision as of 19:02, 12 December 2009 by Marcus.hanwell (talk | contribs) (Suggestion for changing the way we use Doxygen to document our API.)
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The following are proposed, broad changes to VTK as suggested by users and developers. These changes are posted here for approval by the VTK ARB (Architecture Review Board). Please review and provide feedback on the VTK Developers mailing list.

  • Email the VTK developer's mailing list when a new bug report is added.
  • Run VTK/Utilities/Doxygen/ on the headers, commit the result and use Doxygen directly in the future - allowing the developers to group etc according to documentation guidelines. This would also allow new developers to read Doxygen tutorials and use standard Doxygen comments in headers - lowering the barrier to entry.

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