[Insight-users] OnePlusOneEvolutionaryOptimizer

Christos Panagiotou C.Panagiotou at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Sun, 02 May 2004 04:47:24 +0100

Dear Luis

I am trying to use the OnePlusOneEvolutionaryOptimizer to register an MRI volue (256x256x55) against a PET volume (128x128x31) later on i ll try MRI - Optical data registration tests.

I just wanted some initial values about:

and Epsilon

also i would like to ask where can i find more info about the algorithm itself so i could understand also the way it works?

finaly, if i want to use this algorithm in a multiresolution (pyramid) approach of registration, what changes should be applied on the optimizer every time a level changes? for example in the gradient descent we decrease the learning rate value for this level, in this one? would you suggest making the radius larger or smaller? changing the epsilon? sorry i am asking all these but i am not really sure how this works!