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Joshua Cates cates at sci.utah.edu
Tue Apr 5 13:43:17 EDT 2005

Hi Robert,

The SparseImage is a full itk::Image of pointers which may be assigned to
dynamically allocated pixels as necessary, and set to 0 where the image
has/needs no values.  Note that (1) this is only useful when the pixel
type is large (e.g. long and/or dynamic length feature vectors) and (2)
ITK iterator and other image manipulators do not transparently handle this
image representation, so your code will need to explicitly manage this
format. The sparse image class was first developed for use in a narrow
band PDE solver where a relatively large vector of values is maintained
only on pixels located in the band.


 Josh Cates			
 Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute
 University of Utah

On Tue, 5 Apr 2005, Robert Maroon wrote:

> For very large binary volumes with a relatively small
> number of "on" voxels, does ITK provide a data
> structure for handling this type of image in a
> memory-efficient way (e.g., similar to Matlab's
> "sparse" matrix type)? Ideally, of course, the fact
> that an image is sparse would be transparent to any
> functions that manipulated it, and all iterators and
> such would function as usual.
> I found the SparseImage class, but I'm not sure if
> this applies (also, there's very little information
> about it on Google).
> Thanks,
> Robert
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