[Insight-users] Errors while reading DICOM time series (4D) using DicomSeriesReadImageWrite2

Martin Kavec kavec at messi.uku.fi
Wed Jan 11 07:01:56 EST 2006

Hi fellows,

I have a DICOM time series (4D image) acquires on a recent Philips MRI, which 
I would like to further process with ITK-2.4.1. After reading the ITK 
Software Guide, I compiled DicomSeriesReadImageWrite2 (on linux) and tried to 
use it, but there are few issues:

1. a minor one, usage says
./DicomSeriesReadImageWrite2 DicomDirectory  outputFileName  [seriesName]
but the arguments have to be passed the other way around, the seriesName 
followed by the  outputFileName :)

2. running the program outputs lots of errors such as:
Error: In /opt/ITK-2.4.1/Utilities/gdcm/src/gdcmSerieHelper.cxx, line 345, 
function bool 
File: fMRI_GE/TEST_B0_MAP.fMRI_GE_hos_SENSE.20050713.img0463 Distance: 47.281 
position is not unique

3. ITK-2.4.1 reads in the image as 
ImageRegion (0x80e5c98)
  Dimension: 4
  Index: [0, 0, 0, 0]
  Size: [80, 80, 480, 1]

instead of

  Size: [80, 80, 24, 20]

that is the number of slices and time points is incorrect. To get this 
information I used:

std::cout << reader->GetOutput()->GetLargestPossibleRegion() << std::endl;

Should I file a bug report?



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