[Insight-users] Re: [Insight-developers] GDCM update / JPEG2000 (OpenJPEG)

Julien Jomier jjomier at cs.unc.edu
Tue Jan 17 13:51:56 EST 2006

Hi Math,

Will the new library replace the current itkjpeg or does it just provide 
support for JPEG2000?

What amount of disk space is involved (source only)?
I think we are always in favor of adding new IO libraries in ITK as long as:
   a) it doesn't take too much disk space
   b) it's easy to maintain

Since you are using it in GDCM I guess (b) is not a problem.

Another option is to add an option in CMake to use the library externally.

my two cents,


Mathieu Malaterre wrote:
> Hello,
>     I have a minor technical issue. Currently GDCM uses the 
> (patched)jpeg from the Utilities directory to be able to decompress JPEG 
> lossy and lossless file. I was asked to update gdcm 1.0 to gdcm 1.2. In 
> gdcm 1.2 we have added support for JPEG2000 encoded file. This is for 
> now very rare IMHO. So my question is:
> - Do I add support for JPEG2000 in ITK, knowing that it will add a new 
> library to ITK (~373k line of code). Code for the library can be found 
> at http://www.openjpeg.org (*)
> - If yes, do I make it an available library just like png or tiff, or do 
> I keep it encapsulated into GDCM ?
> - If not I can still update to gdcm 1.2 which will still add a lot of 
> new features lacking in gdcm 1.0. I'll simply change the cmakelists.txt 
> to not include JPEG2000 code.
> Comments welcome,
> Mathieu
> (*) At some point during the development process jasper was considered 
> and used in GDCM to decompress JPEG2000 DICOM image. But due to a major 
> decompression problem for 16bits lossless image the support was 
> discontinued in favor of the lighter openjpeg implementation from 
> Communications and Remote Sensing Lab (TELE).
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