[Insight-users] question in compiling InsightApplicaions-3.0.0

Luis Ibanez luis.ibanez at kitware.com
Mon Aug 27 11:31:36 EDT 2007

Hi Quan,

Thanks for letting us know about the VTK version that you are using,
and letting us know that you found the solution to the problem.

In Linux, as opposed to Windows, you can select the compilation mode
from the CMake configuration stage.

Simply set in CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE one of the following:


By selecting "Release" there, the makefiles will add the optimization
flags that will improve the runtime performance of the code.



Quan Xue wrote:
> Hello, Lius:
>      Yes, I am using VTK4.4 not but 5.0, so there is some conflicts 
> between them.
>      I changed the code in "CannyLevelSet", and everything is ok.
>      At the same time, Would you give me a hint about complie mode. For 
> IDE in windows, we can select "debug" "release" "RelWithDebInfor" 
> "MinSizeRel", to linux what should I do to select the "release" mode?
>      I "make" directly based on makefile from cmake in the binary 
> directory, but until now I notice that the speed doest not enhance 
> comprared with "debug" mode in Windows.
>     Best regards,
> Quan

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