[Insight-users] Using ITK with eclipse CDT

Ankit Gupta ankitgupta00 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 08:15:32 EDT 2008


I am trying to use ITK with eclipse with CDT (and already installed MinGW
compiler) on windows. I have installed cmake 2.6 and compiled ITK for
eclipse CDT with MinGW. The I followed the steps in the orientation guide to
create a hello world appliication. I copied the helloworld.cxx and the
cmakelists.txt file in a new folder and ran cmake. This generated a c++
project for eclipse. Now, I can't seem to locate any way to run the
helloworld application (that should ouutput helloworld on the console). Is
this also generated by cmake? Or should I use eclipse to make a run

Also, I just wanted to confirm whether I can use the automatic build feature
on eclipse or not?


Ankit Gupta
1st yr. Grad Student
Stanford University
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