[Insight-users] [vtkusers] LSM reader in ITK / VTK - bioformats

Alexandre GOUAILLARD Alexandre_Gouaillard at hms.harvard.edu
Tue Sep 2 15:36:19 EDT 2008

Dear dan,

That's a wonderfull news.

I will go ahead and write the corresponding itk reader.

To Luis:
With the current implementation, that means touching the TIFF reader. Is it
fine with you guys?


On 9/2/08 11:36 AM, "Dan White" <white at mpi-cbg.de> wrote:

> Dear Alexandre,
> you can go ahead and use the vtk LSM reader from in the BioimageXD
> source code tree
> under a BDS license.
> We have cleared it with the lawyers in Finland and its no problem to
> do that.
> However, may I remind you that while our LSM reader is pretty feature
> rich,
> and we have spent much effort on making it work well,
> for the future it make a lot of sense to use and help develop the java
> bio-formats library from LOCI.
> There is a wrapping function for bio-format in WrapITK already.
> cheers
> Dan

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