[Insight-users] finding pixel/voxel neighbors in ManagedITK

Shady Shidfar shady_shidfar at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 3 09:38:01 EDT 2008

Hi everyone, 

I need to iterate over an image and do things. For each pixel/voxel I need to find the neighbours. Right now I'm using itkImageRegionConstIterator_ISS3 from managedITK to iterate over pixels. I create a class for each pixel in c# and later on I go through the pixel classes to find the neighbours for each pixel. The problem is that it's so slow. Does anyone know how I can find the neighbours through an itkImage using ITK directly. Bearing in mind I'm using ManagedITK and the NeighborhoodIterator is missing. Any help appriciated.


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