[Insight-users] Kitware Contest: Best Biomedical Visualization Involving ITK or VTK

Stephen Aylward Stephen.Aylward at Kitware.com
Wed Sep 3 08:01:14 EDT 2008

The deadline for the Best Biomedical Visualization Contest is rapidly
 * Submissions must be received by 5pm, Eastern Time, September 6th, 2008

Submit your images and view the amazing entries that we have already
received at the contest website,

Additional details are given below and on the contest website.

Best regards,
The Kitware Team


Kitware is holding a contest to find the best biomedical visualization
that was made using the freely-available, open-source Insight Toolkit
(http://www.itk.org) or Visualization Toolkit (http://www.vtk.org).

 * First-place prize is $750 and a shirt or hat with the Kitware logo.
 * Second-place prize is $250 and a shirt or hat with the Kitware logo.

 * Winners will be announced on September 9th at the 2008 MICCAI conference
 * Select entries will also appear on the Kitware website

The contest website is:

Entries will be judged based on scientific significance, the use of
ITK or VTK, and aesthetics.  More information is given below and on
the contest website:

 * Visualizations may be charts, graphs, photographs, or renderings
from the biomedical field.
 * You may submit more than one visualization.
 * You must explain how VTK and/or ITK played a role in generating
your visualizations. Images from open-source and commercial
applications that use ITK and VTK are eligible, including:
       o ParaView
       o VolView
       o Osirix
       o 3D Slicer
       o BioImageXD
       o MedINRIA
       o VisTrails
       o caBIG-XIP
 * Public voting will be used by a panel of expert judges to
determine the winners.
 * Images generated by Kitware employees are not eligible.
 * Anyone may submit visualizations and cast votes, after
registering on this website.
 * Registration is free.

As you prepare your presentations for MICCAI, SPIE Medical Imaging,
and other events, consider entering the best of your visualizations in
the contest!

We look forward to seeing your entries!

Best regards,
The Kitware Team

Stephen R. Aylward, Ph.D.
Chief Medical Scientist
Kitware, Inc. - North Carolina Office
(518) 371-3971 x300

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