[Insight-users] ITK with Python

WolfgangZ wollez at gmx.net
Thu Sep 4 10:36:14 EDT 2008

Bryan P. Conrad schrieb:
> The process for wrapping python yourself on windows is not trivial.  You 
> might want to check out the python(x,y) distribution 
> (http://www.pythonxy.com/features.php).  They have built the python 
> wrappers for ITK as well as many other useful packages (VTK, NumPy, 
> SciPy, Enthought Tool Suite, etc) into a very easy to use installer for 
> windows platforms.  I have used it and found it to be a very quick and 
> easy way to get started with ITK in python.

If I had known this package before, now I've installed several of the 
included packages manually. Took me quite some time to get vtk compiled 
and installed. It would be nice if the FAQ would mention this package.


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