[Insight-users] VectorImage<std::complex<double> and ImageIO.

Julien Michel julien.michel at c-s.cnes.fr
Fri Sep 12 05:24:27 EDT 2008

Dear itk users and developpers,

Recently we were trying to read polarimetric remote sensing data. For
this kind of data, pixel are vectors of complex number. Of course we had
to do some refactoring on our specific remote sensing file format
driver, but as we were still having troubles we investigated the
itk::ImageIOBase, itk::ImageFileReader and itk::ConvertPixelBuffer and
we found that this pixel type case is not handled.

Do you have any idea on how we can implement it ? I think we should add
some value to the enums in ImageIOBase, and maybe a specific part in the
DoConvertBuffer() method of the ImageFileReader, along with a specific
method in ConvertPixelBuffer. The problem here is that std::complex is
an ambiguous type : it is a PixelType but here we would like to use it
as a ComponentType rather than a PixelType.

Best regards,


Julien MICHEL - Ingénieur d'études - Traitement d'images
CS Systèmes d'Information - Division ESPACE
Département Information Géographique & Image
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Email : julien.michel at c-s.fr


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