[Insight-users] Processing images with ITK and loading them in MRIcro

Luis Ibanez luis.ibanez at kitware.com
Tue Sep 16 17:01:15 EDT 2008

Hi Saheb,

If you save the images using the GDCMImageIO, you will get DICOM files
as output, and you should be able to load them in MRIcro.

You may benefit from reading the ITK Software Guide


in particular the Chapter,

    "Reading and Writing Images"




BTW: Please use a descriptive subject when posting
      messages to the mailing list.  Thanks !

saheb ismail wrote:
> Dear sir,
>         I am doing my project on image processing for this i am using 
> itk, MRIcro, Volview. I have ine question, If i want to see the effect 
> of itk filters on dicom images used in MRIcro, how can i load the image 
> in order to see the effect using itk . Please help me.
> Warm Regards,
> S .Ismail saheb
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