[Insight-users] A basic Image question

Dirk Boye body at nabla.org
Fri Jun 25 02:16:34 EDT 2010

Dear list,

I am using some tool for resampling images and found something disturbing.

Let's say I have a 2d image with only 1 pixel. The origin is in 0,0 and
the spacing is dx=2mm, dy=1mm.
The origin is the center of the lower left pixel/voxel, right?
That means my 'image' has the physical boundaries (pixel coverage)
 in x [-1,+1] and in y [-0.5,+0.5]

Now i want to resample my 1 pixel image into 2x2 pixels.
After resampling the origin should be moved so the physical boundaries
are preserved, is that correct? (Because the origin is always the center
of the lower left voxel)

The tool I'm using does not do the movement of the origin so i programmed
my own.
Or am i mistaken? :)


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