[Insight-users] Wrapping ITK in OSX 10.6

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Wed May 5 15:26:36 EDT 2010

Lassi Paavolainen wrote:
> Now everytime I try to build wrapITK, it gets stuck in
> [ 0%] Generating wrap_vcl_complex.xml
> In file included from <built-in>:0:
> <built-in>:0: internal compiler error: Bus error

As Gaëtan pointed out, this is the "gccxml" tool that gets built with
CableSwig.  It looks like gcc is crashing because gccxml is actually
a wrapper around a patched gcc parser.

Please try "make VERBOSE=1" to see the full command line for the rule
that leads to this crash.  Then post it.


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