[Insight-users] strange behavior in SignedDanielssonDistanceMapImageFilter

Juan Cardelino juan.cardelino at gmail.com
Fri May 7 14:31:55 EDT 2010

Im running these two examples, the masks are merely ellipses with
different sizes. They result of the second case is clearly wrong.
map.02.mha seems to be an unsigned distance map, not a signed one.

SignedDanielssonDistanceMapImageFilter example.mask.01.png map.01.mha
a.mha b.mha
SignedDanielssonDistanceMapImageFilter example.mask.02.png map.02.mha
a.mha b.mha
In the following URL you can see the sample images and the outputs:

I'm using itk 3.14 coming with ubuntu karmic, I'm about to try with
the CVS version and see if this issue still comes up.
Any comments on this?

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