[Insight-users] Wrong reading of spacing in "z" axis by GE low-dose CT?

Bc. Michal Srna michal at srna.info
Wed Apr 13 08:50:38 EDT 2011

Hello GDCM/ITK developers,

I just discovered, that ITKv4 (also ITK 3.20) reads probably wrong value of
DICOM tag "0018,050 Slice Thickness" from low-dose CT data provided by
SPECT/low-doseCT multimodal imaging system (manufacturer GE, model INFINIA)

If I am not wrong - when reading CT data ITK takes as value of spacing in
"z" axis value from tag "0018,050 Slice Thickness". In my original low-dose
CT data it is set to 6.1, but ITK reads spacing in "z" as 4.41962 and when I
save those data via ITK, it writes that incorrect value into that tag
"0018,050 Slice Thickness" and also into tag "0018,088 Spacing between

So I am asking, if it's not bug, where does ITK take that value 4.41962,
when "0018,050 Slice Thickness" in original data is 6.1?

If it could help developers, I can provide example of those data, which are
affected by this problem.

Thanks for help!

S pozdravem Bc. Michal Srna

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