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itk::TBBMultiThreader Class Reference

#include <itkTBBMultiThreader.h>

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Public Types

using ConstPointer = SmartPointer< const Self >
using Pointer = SmartPointer< Self >
using Self = TBBMultiThreader
using Superclass = MultiThreaderBase
- Public Types inherited from itk::MultiThreaderBase
using ArrayThreadingFunctorType = std::function< void(SizeValueType)>
using ConstPointer = SmartPointer< const Self >
using Pointer = SmartPointer< Self >
using Self = MultiThreaderBase
using Superclass = Object
template<unsigned int VDimension>
using TemplatedThreadingFunctorType = std::function< void(const ImageRegion< VDimension > &)>
using ThreaderEnum = MultiThreaderBaseEnums::Threader
using ThreadingFunctorType = std::function< void(const IndexValueType index[], const SizeValueType size[])>
- Public Types inherited from itk::Object
using ConstPointer = SmartPointer< const Self >
using Pointer = SmartPointer< Self >
using Self = Object
using Superclass = LightObject
- Public Types inherited from itk::LightObject
using ConstPointer = SmartPointer< const Self >
using Pointer = SmartPointer< Self >
using Self = LightObject

Public Member Functions

virtual const char * GetNameOfClass () const
void ParallelizeArray (SizeValueType firstIndex, SizeValueType lastIndexPlus1, ArrayThreadingFunctorType aFunc, ProcessObject *filter) override
void ParallelizeImageRegion (unsigned int dimension, const IndexValueType index[], const SizeValueType size[], ThreadingFunctorType funcP, ProcessObject *filter) override
void SetNumberOfWorkUnits (ThreadIdType numberOfWorkUnits) override
void SetSingleMethod (ThreadFunctionType, void *data) override
void SingleMethodExecute () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from itk::MultiThreaderBase
virtual bool GetUpdateProgress () const
template<unsigned int VDimension>
ITK_TEMPLATE_EXPORT void ParallelizeImageRegionRestrictDirection (unsigned int restrictedDirection, const ImageRegion< VDimension > &requestedRegion, TemplatedThreadingFunctorType< VDimension > funcP, ProcessObject *filter)
virtual void SetUpdateProgress (bool updates)
virtual void SetMaximumNumberOfThreads (ThreadIdType numberOfThreads)
virtual ThreadIdType GetMaximumNumberOfThreads () const
virtual ThreadIdType GetNumberOfWorkUnits () const
 itkLegacyMacro (static void SetGlobalDefaultUseThreadPool(const bool GlobalDefaultUseThreadPool))
 itkLegacyMacro (static bool GetGlobalDefaultUseThreadPool())
template<unsigned int VDimension>
ITK_TEMPLATE_EXPORT void ParallelizeImageRegion (const ImageRegion< VDimension > &requestedRegion, TemplatedThreadingFunctorType< VDimension > funcP, ProcessObject *filter)
- Public Member Functions inherited from itk::Object
unsigned long AddObserver (const EventObject &event, Command *)
unsigned long AddObserver (const EventObject &event, Command *) const
unsigned long AddObserver (const EventObject &event, std::function< void(const EventObject &)> function) const
LightObject::Pointer CreateAnother () const override
virtual void DebugOff () const
virtual void DebugOn () const
CommandGetCommand (unsigned long tag)
bool GetDebug () const
MetaDataDictionaryGetMetaDataDictionary ()
const MetaDataDictionaryGetMetaDataDictionary () const
virtual ModifiedTimeType GetMTime () const
virtual const TimeStampGetTimeStamp () const
bool HasObserver (const EventObject &event) const
void InvokeEvent (const EventObject &)
void InvokeEvent (const EventObject &) const
virtual void Modified () const
void Register () const override
void RemoveAllObservers ()
void RemoveObserver (unsigned long tag)
void SetDebug (bool debugFlag) const
void SetReferenceCount (int) override
void UnRegister () const noexcept override
void SetMetaDataDictionary (const MetaDataDictionary &rhs)
void SetMetaDataDictionary (MetaDataDictionary &&rrhs)
virtual void SetObjectName (std::string _arg)
virtual const std::string & GetObjectName () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from itk::LightObject
Pointer Clone () const
virtual void Delete ()
virtual int GetReferenceCount () const
 itkTypeMacroNoParent (LightObject)
void Print (std::ostream &os, Indent indent=0) const

Static Public Member Functions

static Pointer New ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from itk::MultiThreaderBase
static Pointer New ()
static ThreaderEnum ThreaderTypeFromString (std::string threaderString)
static void SetGlobalMaximumNumberOfThreads (ThreadIdType val)
static ThreadIdType GetGlobalMaximumNumberOfThreads ()
static std::string ThreaderTypeToString (ThreaderEnum threader)
static void SetGlobalDefaultThreader (ThreaderEnum threaderType)
static ThreaderEnum GetGlobalDefaultThreader ()
static void SetGlobalDefaultNumberOfThreads (ThreadIdType val)
static ThreadIdType GetGlobalDefaultNumberOfThreads ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from itk::Object
static bool GetGlobalWarningDisplay ()
static void GlobalWarningDisplayOff ()
static void GlobalWarningDisplayOn ()
static Pointer New ()
static void SetGlobalWarningDisplay (bool val)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from itk::LightObject
static void BreakOnError ()
static Pointer New ()

Protected Member Functions

void PrintSelf (std::ostream &os, Indent indent) const override
 TBBMultiThreader ()
 ~TBBMultiThreader () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from itk::MultiThreaderBase
 MultiThreaderBase ()
 ~MultiThreaderBase () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from itk::Object
 Object ()
bool PrintObservers (std::ostream &os, Indent indent) const
virtual void SetTimeStamp (const TimeStamp &timeStamp)
 ~Object () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from itk::LightObject
virtual LightObject::Pointer InternalClone () const
 LightObject ()
virtual void PrintHeader (std::ostream &os, Indent indent) const
virtual void PrintTrailer (std::ostream &os, Indent indent) const
virtual ~LightObject ()


class ProcessObject

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from itk::MultiThreaderBase
static ITK_THREAD_RETURN_FUNCTION_CALL_CONVENTION ParallelizeArrayHelper (void *arg)
static ITK_THREAD_RETURN_FUNCTION_CALL_CONVENTION ParallelizeImageRegionHelper (void *arg)
- Protected Attributes inherited from itk::MultiThreaderBase
ThreadIdType m_MaximumNumberOfThreads {}
ThreadIdType m_NumberOfWorkUnits {}
void * m_SingleData { nullptr }
ThreadFunctionType m_SingleMethod { nullptr }
- Protected Attributes inherited from itk::LightObject
std::atomic< int > m_ReferenceCount {}

Detailed Description

A class for performing multithreaded execution with a thread pool back end, uses the Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB) library.

This multi-threader implementation generates dynamically-sized thread-regions, and is expected to provide best performance.

Definition at line 38 of file itkTBBMultiThreader.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ConstPointer

Definition at line 47 of file itkTBBMultiThreader.h.

◆ Pointer

Definition at line 46 of file itkTBBMultiThreader.h.

◆ Self

Standard class type aliases.

Definition at line 44 of file itkTBBMultiThreader.h.

◆ Superclass

Definition at line 45 of file itkTBBMultiThreader.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TBBMultiThreader()

itk::TBBMultiThreader::TBBMultiThreader ( )

◆ ~TBBMultiThreader()

itk::TBBMultiThreader::~TBBMultiThreader ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetNameOfClass()

virtual const char* itk::TBBMultiThreader::GetNameOfClass ( ) const

Run-time type information (and related methods).

Reimplemented from itk::MultiThreaderBase.

◆ New()

static Pointer itk::TBBMultiThreader::New ( )

Method for creation through the object factory.

◆ ParallelizeArray()

void itk::TBBMultiThreader::ParallelizeArray ( SizeValueType  firstIndex,
SizeValueType  lastIndexPlus1,
ArrayThreadingFunctorType  aFunc,
ProcessObject filter 

Parallelize an operation over an array. If filter argument is not nullptr, this function will update its progress as each index is completed.

Reimplemented from itk::MultiThreaderBase.

◆ ParallelizeImageRegion()

void itk::TBBMultiThreader::ParallelizeImageRegion ( unsigned int  dimension,
const IndexValueType  index[],
const SizeValueType  size[],
ThreadingFunctorType  funcP,
ProcessObject filter 

Break up region into smaller chunks, and call the function with chunks as parameters.

Reimplemented from itk::MultiThreaderBase.

◆ PrintSelf()

void itk::TBBMultiThreader::PrintSelf ( std::ostream &  os,
Indent  indent 
) const

Methods invoked by Print() to print information about the object including superclasses. Typically not called by the user (use Print() instead) but used in the hierarchical print process to combine the output of several classes.

Reimplemented from itk::MultiThreaderBase.

◆ SetNumberOfWorkUnits()

void itk::TBBMultiThreader::SetNumberOfWorkUnits ( ThreadIdType  numberOfWorkUnits)

Get/Set the number of work units to create. TBBMultiThreader does not limit the number of work units. This number is only respected by SetSingleMethod/SingleMethodExecute.

Reimplemented from itk::MultiThreaderBase.

◆ SetSingleMethod()

void itk::TBBMultiThreader::SetSingleMethod ( ThreadFunctionType  ,
void *  data 

Set the SingleMethod to f() and the UserData field of the WorkUnitInfo that is passed to it will be data. This method must be of type itkThreadFunctionType and must take a single argument of type void.

Implements itk::MultiThreaderBase.

◆ SingleMethodExecute()

void itk::TBBMultiThreader::SingleMethodExecute ( )

Execute the SingleMethod (as define by SetSingleMethod) using m_NumberOfWorkUnits work units. As a side effect the m_NumberOfWorkUnits will be checked against the current m_GlobalMaximumNumberOfThreads and clamped if necessary.

Implements itk::MultiThreaderBase.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ ProcessObject

friend class ProcessObject

ProcessObject is a friend so that it can call PrintSelf() on its Multithreader.

Friends of DataObject

Definition at line 99 of file itkTBBMultiThreader.h.

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