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itk::VMMapRecord Class Reference

#include <itkSmapsFileParser.h>

Detailed Description

Contains an entry in a smaps file.

It is filled by operator>>(istream&,SmapsRecord&).

Definition at line 110 of file itkSmapsFileParser.h.

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ITKCommon_EXPORT std::istream & operator>> (std::istream &in, VMMapRecord &record)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from itk::MapRecord
using MemoryLoadType = SizeValueType
- Public Member Functions inherited from itk::MapRecord
void Reset ()
virtual ~MapRecord ()
- Public Attributes inherited from itk::MapRecord
std::string m_RecordName {}
std::map< std::string, MemoryLoadTypem_Tokens {}

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ operator>>

ITKCommon_EXPORT std::istream& operator>> ( std::istream &  in,
VMMapRecord record 

Input operator to fill a VMMapRecord recordName address [ numberK] permissions mode Example __DATA 8fe51000 [ 4K] rw-/rwx SM=COW /usr/lib/dyld

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