ITK  6.0.0
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itkPoint.h File Reference
#include "itkNumericTraits.h"
#include "itkVector.h"
#include "vnl/vnl_vector_ref.h"
#include "itkMath.h"
#include "itkPoint.hxx"
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class  itk::BarycentricCombination< TPointContainer, TWeightContainer >
class  itk::Point< TCoordRep, VPointDimension >




template<typename TValue , typename... TVariadic>
auto itk::MakePoint (const TValue firstValue, const TVariadic... otherValues)
template<typename T , unsigned int VPointDimension>
std::ostream & itk::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Point< T, VPointDimension > &vct)
template<typename T , unsigned int VPointDimension>
std::istream & itk::operator>> (std::istream &is, Point< T, VPointDimension > &vct)
template<typename TCoordRep , unsigned int VPointDimension>
void itk::swap (Point< TCoordRep, VPointDimension > &a, Point< TCoordRep, VPointDimension > &b)