ITK  5.4.0
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itk::ProgressAccumulator::FilterRecord Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Structure associated with each filter in the pipeline

Definition at line 131 of file itkProgressAccumulator.h.

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Public Attributes

float AccumulatedProgress { 0.0 }
GenericFilterPointer Filter
unsigned long ProgressObserverTag
unsigned long StartObserverTag
float Weight

Member Data Documentation

◆ AccumulatedProgress

float itk::ProgressAccumulator::FilterRecord::AccumulatedProgress { 0.0 }

Definition at line 143 of file itkProgressAccumulator.h.

◆ Filter

GenericFilterPointer itk::ProgressAccumulator::FilterRecord::Filter

Definition at line 134 of file itkProgressAccumulator.h.

◆ ProgressObserverTag

unsigned long itk::ProgressAccumulator::FilterRecord::ProgressObserverTag

Definition at line 140 of file itkProgressAccumulator.h.

◆ StartObserverTag

unsigned long itk::ProgressAccumulator::FilterRecord::StartObserverTag

Definition at line 141 of file itkProgressAccumulator.h.

◆ Weight

float itk::ProgressAccumulator::FilterRecord::Weight

Definition at line 137 of file itkProgressAccumulator.h.

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