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itk::DynamicLoader Class Reference

#include <itkDynamicLoader.h>

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Detailed Description

Portable loading of dynamic libraries or dll's.

DynamicLoader provides a portable interface to loading dynamic libraries or dll's into a process.

Definition at line 43 of file itkDynamicLoader.h.

Public Types

typedef SmartPointer< const SelfConstPointer
typedef SmartPointer< SelfPointer
typedef DynamicLoader Self
typedef Object Superclass
- Public Types inherited from itk::Object
typedef SmartPointer< const SelfConstPointer
typedef SmartPointer< SelfPointer
typedef Object Self
typedef LightObject Superclass
- Public Types inherited from itk::LightObject
typedef SmartPointer< const SelfConstPointer
typedef SmartPointer< SelfPointer
typedef LightObject Self

Public Member Functions

virtual ::itk::LightObject::Pointer CreateAnother () const
virtual const char * GetNameOfClass () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from itk::Object
unsigned long AddObserver (const EventObject &event, Command *)
unsigned long AddObserver (const EventObject &event, Command *) const
virtual void DebugOff () const
virtual void DebugOn () const
CommandGetCommand (unsigned long tag)
bool GetDebug () const
MetaDataDictionaryGetMetaDataDictionary ()
const MetaDataDictionaryGetMetaDataDictionary () const
virtual ModifiedTimeType GetMTime () const
virtual const TimeStampGetTimeStamp () const
bool HasObserver (const EventObject &event) const
void InvokeEvent (const EventObject &)
void InvokeEvent (const EventObject &) const
virtual void Modified () const
virtual void Register () const override
void RemoveAllObservers ()
void RemoveObserver (unsigned long tag)
void SetDebug (bool debugFlag) const
void SetMetaDataDictionary (const MetaDataDictionary &rhs)
virtual void SetReferenceCount (int) override
virtual void UnRegister () const noexceptoverride
virtual void SetObjectName (std::string _arg)
virtual const std::string & GetObjectName () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from itk::LightObject
virtual void Delete ()
virtual int GetReferenceCount () const
 itkCloneMacro (Self)
void Print (std::ostream &os, Indent indent=0) const

Static Public Member Functions

static int CloseLibrary (LibHandle)
static void * GetSymbolAddress (LibHandle, const char *)
static const char * LastError ()
static const char * LibExtension ()
static const char * LibPrefix ()
static Pointer New ()
static LibHandle OpenLibrary (const char *)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from itk::Object
static bool GetGlobalWarningDisplay ()
static void GlobalWarningDisplayOff ()
static void GlobalWarningDisplayOn ()
static Pointer New ()
static void SetGlobalWarningDisplay (bool flag)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from itk::LightObject
static void BreakOnError ()
static Pointer New ()

Protected Member Functions

 DynamicLoader ()
 ~DynamicLoader ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from itk::Object
 Object ()
bool PrintObservers (std::ostream &os, Indent indent) const
virtual void PrintSelf (std::ostream &os, Indent indent) const override
virtual void SetTimeStamp (const TimeStamp &time)
virtual ~Object ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from itk::LightObject
virtual LightObject::Pointer InternalClone () const
 LightObject ()
virtual void PrintHeader (std::ostream &os, Indent indent) const
virtual void PrintTrailer (std::ostream &os, Indent indent) const
virtual ~LightObject ()

Private Member Functions

 DynamicLoader (const Self &)
void operator= (const Self &)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from itk::LightObject
AtomicInt< int > m_ReferenceCount

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 50 of file itkDynamicLoader.h.

Definition at line 49 of file itkDynamicLoader.h.

Standard class typedefs.

Definition at line 47 of file itkDynamicLoader.h.

Definition at line 48 of file itkDynamicLoader.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

itk::DynamicLoader::DynamicLoader ( )
itk::DynamicLoader::~DynamicLoader ( )
itk::DynamicLoader::DynamicLoader ( const Self )

Member Function Documentation

static int itk::DynamicLoader::CloseLibrary ( LibHandle  )

Attempt to detach a dynamic library from the process. A value of true is returned if it is successful.

virtual::itk::LightObject::Pointer itk::DynamicLoader::CreateAnother ( ) const

Create an object from an instance, potentially deferring to a factory. This method allows you to create an instance of an object that is exactly the same type as the referring object. This is useful in cases where an object has been cast back to a base class.

Reimplemented from itk::Object.

virtual const char* itk::DynamicLoader::GetNameOfClass ( ) const

Run-time type information (and related methods).

Reimplemented from itk::Object.

static void* itk::DynamicLoader::GetSymbolAddress ( LibHandle  ,
const char *   

Find the address of the symbol in the given library.

static const char* itk::DynamicLoader::LastError ( )

Return the last error produced from a calls made on this class.

static const char* itk::DynamicLoader::LibExtension ( )

Return the library extension for the given architecture.

static const char* itk::DynamicLoader::LibPrefix ( )

Return the library prefix for the given architecture

static Pointer itk::DynamicLoader::New ( )

Method for creation through the object factory.

static LibHandle itk::DynamicLoader::OpenLibrary ( const char *  )

Load a dynamic library into the current process. The returned LibHandle can be used to access the symbols in the library.

void itk::DynamicLoader::operator= ( const Self )

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